Pricing Data & Analytics

The leading pricing, analytics and market data offered through ICE Data Services support mission-critical processes across the front, middle and back offices of organizations around the world. With products such as our end-of-day evaluated pricing, continuous fixed income evaluated pricing, best execution services, and ICE Liquidity IndicatorsTM, we’re able to support intraday, real-time decision-making within financial organizations and help link strategic objectives with day-to-day actions. We deliver independent evaluations for approximately 2.7 million fixed income and international equity securities each day, including hard-to-value, thinly traded fixed income issues, provide trusted reference data for more than 10 million financial instruments, offer a low latency consolidated feed that connects hundreds of sources, publish leading market indices against which industry or security performance can be measured, and license for critical benchmarks like LIBOR and the LBMA Gold Price.

Our Pricing and Analytic Data Services


With approximately 2.7 million daily evaluations, including a broad range of hard-to-value, thinly traded securities, we’re a market leader in evaluated pricing for fixed income and international equities. Each independent evaluation represents a good faith opinion as to what a buyer in the marketplace would pay for a security (typically in an institutional round lot position) in a current sale. For derivatives market participants, we provide mark-to-market and OTC data across multiple asset class including FX, commodities, equities and more.

Reference Data

We provide reference data for more than 10 million financial instruments, tracking key data points such as terms and conditions, corporate actions, entity linkages and identification information. For more than 5,000 commercial market participants, our reference data is an essential component of the full securities lifecycle across pre-trade, post-trade, settlement, reporting, risk mitigation and compliance.

Analytics Tools

Our award-winning evaluated pricing and industry-first continuous fixed income pricing powers a growing suite of analytics to support risk management, regulatory compliance and investment decisions, including:

  • ICE Liquidity IndicatorsTM that proactively quantify security and portfolio liquidity
  • Best Execution for a trade-by-trade measure of relative fixed income trade execution quality
  • Risk metrics across multiple asset classes
  • Comprehensive security coverage for more than 2.7 million domestic and international fixed income securities

We also offer analyticals tools for the derivatives markets, including:

  • A real-time portfolio risk management system for options pricing and analysis
  • A multi-asset front-office technology for real-time pricing, structuring and pre-trade analysis of OTC securities

Index Services

We design and distribute many of today’s leading indices across equities, fixed income and derivatives markets. Our index services include:

  • ICE U.S. Treasury Bond Index Series™, which provides a broad representation of the U.S. Treasury market and includes a number of maturity sub-indices ranging from one month to 30 years
  • ICE Energy Indices, which cover popular trading areas of the market such as ICE Brent Crude futures, more than 100 North American natural gas and power hubs and a variety of other energy markets
  • NYSE Index Services, which include licensing an index, partnering with us to create a new one, outsourcing day-to-day calculations, maintenance and dissemination of your proprietary indices, and broadcasting real-time iPOV and iNAV calculations of your ETPs

ICE Benchmark Administration

Access to accurate, reliable information is essential to the integrity and everyday functioning of the world’s markets and the business communities they support. As the world’s most experienced administrator of regulated benchmarks, we’re leading reform across the LIBOR, LBMA Gold Price and ICE Swap Rate benchmarks and transitioning them to a new era where high standards and integrity help market participants make better decisions. We license the use or redistribution of LIBOR, LBMA Gold Price and ICE Swap Rate on a commercial and reasonable basis to help set standards of fairness and transparency.

Regulatory Support

Financial firms are seeking unprecedented transparency and quality of data to manage risk and maintain operational efficiency in the face of increasing regulation and globalization of the capital markets. We provide a variety of tools to help institutions comply with FACTA, MiFIR, MiFID II and Solvency II requirements. Our metrics enable you to measure the quality, accuracy and timeliness of reference data so you can better assess risk, manage resources and remain compliant.

Tick History

With access to our comprehensive suite of tick history services, you’re able to meet historical data needs ranging from designing and back-testing trading strategies to addressing compliance and regulatory requirement to powering charting and technical analytics tools on your desktop applications. We provide clean, comprehensive coverage from more than 200 global sources, facilitate the collection and distribution of historical data, and enable fast and efficient tick data storage.


The ICE Data Consolidated Feed aggregates content from over 450 sources, including OTC brokers like Tullett Prebon and ICAP, and extensive Asia Pacific coverage and streaming fixed income evaluated prices, in a normalized format supported by our distributed ticker plant architecture across the globe. It leverages our highly sophisticated, latency-optimized infrastructure that offers secure, reliable access to more than 150 trading venues. We were voted Best Low-Latency Data Feed Provider (Waters Ranking) in 2015.

Securities Evaluations

ICE Data Services Securities Evaluations delivers more than 3.2 million intra-day to end-of-day evaluated prices for US CDs, global corporate and government securities, global structured finance securities, and US municipal securities. We have been in the securities valuation business for more than 35 years, with:

  • More than 70 pricing analysts with an average of approximately 14 years’ experience
  • Access to experienced evaluators
  • More than 200 data operations and support staff
  • Dedicated client support