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Pricing Data & Analytics

The leading pricing, analytics and market data offered through ICE Data Services support mission-critical processes across the front, middle and back offices of organizations around the world. With products such as our end-of-day evaluated pricing, continuous fixed income evaluated pricing, best execution services, and ICE Liquidity IndicatorsTM, we’re able to support intraday, real-time decision-making within financial organizations and help link strategic objectives with day-to-day actions.

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We calculate and publish independent evaluations for approximately 2.7 million fixed income and international equity securities each day, including hard-to-value, thinly traded fixed income issues, provide trusted reference data for more than 13 million financial instruments, offer a low latency consolidated feed that connects hundreds of sources, publish leading market indices against which industry or security performance can be measured, and license for critical benchmarks like LIBOR and the LBMA Gold Price.

High quality evaluated pricing for securities & portfolio valuations for derivatives. As a leader in data services, we price securities across multiple asset classes including fixed income, derivatives, credit and OTC securities.

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Access evaluated pricing in real-time across several asset classes including corporate bonds, emerging markets, TBA mortgages and municipal bonds to enhance pre-trade transparency and trading workflow.
Established and comprehensive evaluated pricing coverage, quality, independence and delivery in fixed income markets.
Comprehensive cross-asset services covering the trading lifecycle.

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Vantage helps you better understand evaluated prices within the context of a broad range of relevant market information, including public and proprietary market data inputs used in the evaluated pricing process.

ICE Connect

Our enhanced wealth offering has an expanding library of content and a diverse range of tools. Access one comprehensive desktop or seamlessly embed individual components to your own application to create an actionable workflow.

Instant Messaging

Our industry-compliant communication system is designed to meet the needs of your workflow and includes flexible layouts built to save you time so you can react to market opportunities as they occur.