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Business Entity Data

Our business entity data links our vast security reference database of more than 35 million financial instruments to comprehensive business entity information for the issuers of these instruments and their legal hierarchy of ownership.

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Features & Benefits

With over 140 data items supported, the service covers key areas of relevance:


Specialist researched data on over 473,000 entities


Entity registered address, operating address


Industry Classification Standards (NACE, NAICS, SIC, ESA 2010)


Issue > Issuer > Immediate Parent > Ultimate Parent entity linkages (including full legal names)


Legal Entity Identifiers for over 248,000 entities to uniquely identify a firm with an industry standard code


Ongoing monitoring for corporate actions affecting an entity or structure

Use Cases

The service supplies robust entity-level data to help you:

  • Calculate risk through exposure to a particular entity, group, industry or region
  • Get a clearer picture of the corporate hierarchy of an entity in order to understand the entity’s capital structure and perform analysis
  • Identify risks associated with corporate events within the family tree of an entity
  • Conduct screening of company business activities to ensure compliance with investment policies
  • Facilitate compliance with regulations such as AIFMD, UCITS, Basel II and IFRS-9 using the entity linkages in the compilation of data for credit worthiness and concentration risk measurements.

The entity content from ICE's Entity team is delivered via our IDS and APEX feed platforms today

Upon receipt of a client's securities of interest, the securities are linked to the associated entity and/or parent information which is delivered daily

Client portfolios are tracked to check for unlinked ISINs which are then linked to an issuer / a parent hierarchy by our team of specialists

Entity records are enriched to contain 67 core attributes to describe and classify the entity

Entity content is also available via a web portal in order to search and view entity details and hierarchy