We provide high quality information across commodities, equities, FX and fixed income markets. Real-time market data feeds across our different products power applications for thousands of financial institutions worldwide.

Pricing Services

High quality evaluations across global asset classes

As a leader in data services, we provide global securities evaluations for fixed income securities, international equities and global American Depository Receipts (ADRs).

End-of-Day Evaluations »

Our trusted, end of day independent evaluations utilize rules based logic and standard valuation techniques that vary by asset class and maximize the use of relevant observable inputs including quoted prices for similar assets, benchmark yield curves and market corroborated inputs.

Continuous Evaluated Pricing »

Continuous, independently evaluated pricing across multiple asset classes – providing pre-trade transparency and an enhanced trading workflow.

Fair Value Information »

This convenient and flexible tool assists funds with meeting their fair value requirements.

Leverage Loan Evaluations »

Benefit from an internationally renowned source for independent, high quality pricing and evaluations for the leveraged loan market.

ICE Data Derivatives

Comprehensive cross-asset services covering the trading lifecycle

To meet demand for quality derivatives pricing and analytics, we continually build solutions for global client needs. ICE Data Derivatives offers cross-asset analytical solutions, market data and valuation capabilities, powered by up to 16 years of history.

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Market Data »

Millions of cross-asset data points received every day

Valuations »

Pricing information and tools across commodities, credit, equities, FX and interest rates

Analytics & Solutions »

One-stop-shop for your OTC Derivatives needs

Additional Services
Market Price Validation »

Consensus-based price validations of forward OTC swaps, options and exotic products.