Our suite of analytic tools spans fixed income and derivatives markets, and is designed to inform your trading and risk management strategies. Powered by our end-of-day and continuous evaluated pricing data technologies, we’ve developed fixed income analytic services that can help you analyze liquidity in difficult-to-price areas of the market, measure best execution, value securities and understand risk. We also offer analytics that can help you price, structure and analyze derivatives before placing trade.


Spanning fixed income and derivatives markets, our intelligent analytics tools help you measure best execution, analyze liquidity, manage credit risk, value securities and price derivatives.

Best Execution Service »

Measure and manage bond trade execution quality and address regulatory compliance.

ICE Bond Curves »

Gain more insight into financial markets with bond curves for investment management, risk, market trend analysis and relative value research.

ICE Data Analytics »

Analyze holdings, distributions and performance of fixed income and multi-asset class portfolios.

ICE Liquidity Indicators »

Measure liquidity risk in your portfolio.

ICE Data Derivatives Analytics & Solutions »

One-stop-shop for your OTC Derivatives needs.

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