Is your business adapting with the evolving index landscape?

Enhance Your Investment Processes with an integrated index solution

ICE Data Services' multi-asset class index solution supports all aspects of the benchmarking and performance measurement process. With benchmark and bespoke indices on a common platform you can efficiently manage assets and workflow.

ICE Data Indices combines leading reference data, evaluated pricing and analytics along with an established track record in index provisioning spanning 50 years to deliver unique, best-in-class index solutions. Dedicated to innovation and flexibility, we offer a wide range of indices and customized solutions to address the demands of a changing landscape.

Models fueled by a comprehensive and accurate market data set can significantly improve the quality of critical investment decisions. Our index expertise spans:

Fixed Income Indices »

Covering over 5,000 indices, tracking more than $77 trillion in debt across 43 currencies.

Equity Indices »

This index family supports ETPs, options, futures, structured products and insurance products.

Commodity Indices »

Designed to provide a liquid, consistent, representative and cost-efficient benchmark for measuring commodity market performance.

Currency Indices »

U.S. Dollar based indices and also including geometrically-averaged, trade-weighted currency indices for the yen, euro, and USD relative to Latin American currencies..

Index Customization »

Robust customization capabilities and self-indexing raw materials to help you create and maintain indices tailored to particular investment strategies, such as ETFs.

Critical Index Creation Components

Daily continuous and closing evaluated pricing covering almost 3 million financial instruments across the fixed income, equities, and currency markets in well over 100 countries and denominated in over 50 different currencies.

High quality reference data, with regular updates to reflect corporate actions and other changes in terms and conditions, covering over 10 million financial instruments in more than 180 markets.

Index Provisioning

A deep offering of indices across all major asset classes backed by a track record in index provisioning that spans more than 50 years.

A comprehensive set of index and portfolio analysis and reporting tools to assist in evaluating risk and relative value trade-offs of a portfolio versus its performance benchmark.

A deep index offering, spanning all major asset classes

Tap into our extensive offering of global market indices, backed by high quality market data, to get the most out of your benchmarking activities. Our indices span all major asset classes, including over 5,000 fixed income, equity, currency and commodity indices that date back to 1973, and are trusted by market participants around the world.

Fixed Income





A holistic approach to drive benchmarking strategies

End-to-End Benchmarking

With Evaluated Pricing, Reference and Analytic Data powering our Index solutions, we have the input data, technology, distribution capacity, and product expertise to deliver comprehensive, consistent benchmark solutions.

High Quality Data

ICE Data Services is committed to maintaining the highest standards in data collection methods as well as utilizing sophisticated data quality metrics. Complete ownership of the supply chain allows ICE to seek the highest level of data quality at every stage of the process.

Best-in-Class Infrastructure

ICE Data Indices leverage the technology infrastructure of ICE, ensuring timely delivery of data feeds and operational support. Our integrated approach means we can be quick to market with new offerings and customized solutions, and distribute broadly to thousands of end users.

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