Reference Data

With high quality reference data on more than 10 million financial instruments, we're focused on helping you improve risk management, maintain compliance with regulatory mandates and maximize operational efficiency across your enterprise. Building on decades of experience, we continue to strengthen our programs to help measure the quality, accuracy and timeliness of reference data. Our researchers compile information from an extensive range of sources, including exchanges, underwriters, government agencies, issuers and other authoritative sources.

Reference Data Features

  • Essential identification and settlement information, such as identifier, issuer name, exchange, ticker, currency, payment frequency, coupon rate, maturity date, dated date, settlement date, first payment date and accrual method
  • Detailed terms and conditions data for debt (corporate, government, agency, municipal) and preferred and convertible stock, including call, put and sinking fund schedules, conversion details, coupon reset terms, payment-in-kind and step-up data, and default and credit enhancement data for municipal bonds
  • Tracking of corporate actions with comprehensive, timely information for numerous corporate action types, including mergers, rights offerings, tender offers, name changes, bankruptcies, recapitalizations, cash dividends, stock dividends, mutual fund payments, exchange listing changes and other shareholder notifications
  • Dividends, income payment details, earnings and amounts outstanding
  • Extensive classification and cross-reference information including a wide range of international security identifiers

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