• End of Day
    Daily Futures and Options Reports from each exchange
  • Futures U.S. Commodity and Indices Data
  • Indices
    Daily Index Reporting
  • ICE Benchmark Administration
    LIBOR, ICE Swap Rate, & LBMA Gold Data
  • Commitments of Traders
    Report detailing trader positions
  • Volumes & OI
    Preliminary, Daily and Historical Volume & Open Interest Data
  • Markers
    Representative weighted average of trades for specific contracts
  • Deliveries & Settlements
    Delivery Summaries, Daily Settlement Prices, and Notices
  • Commodity and Certified Stock Reports
    Soft Commodity Reports
  • Records & Daily Downloads
    Records for exchanges and Daily Downloads (IFCA)
  • Other Reports
    Including Auctions, Cash Market, Cost of Carry, ERIS, and Options Exercise.
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