Supporting our clients efforts to gain clarity and transparency in the Fixed Income markets, ICE Data Services offers enhanced Terms and Conditions data. This service provides easy access to a broad range of up-to-date, fixed-income data from our robust Terms and Conditions database.

Our breadth and depth of coverage is critical throughout the entire securities processing lifecycle, supporting a range of use cases, which includes: trade execution, decision support, order management, confirm generation, clearance, settlement, compliance, and risk management.

We offer core data in support of various use cases, such as asset setup and confirm generation. This is coupled with our enriched data sets to provide in depth coverage for data intensive applications such as decision support, pre- and post-trade compliance and analytics.


DebtEquityListed Derivatives
Asset Classes

• Corporate
• Government
• Agency
• Municipal

• Common
• Preferred
• Convertible
• Funds

• Options
• Futures
• Options on Futures


• Issuer & Issue Information
• Basic Descriptive Data
• Income Data
• Call, Put, and Sinking Fund Schedules
• Accrued Interest
• Guarantors
• Credit Ratings
• Industry Classifications

• Issuer and Issue Information
• Basic Descriptive Data
• Dividends
• Shares Outstanding
• MIC Codes
• Exchange Information
• Industrial Classifications

• Identifiers
• Market Exchange and Sector Information
• Contract Details


  • Decision Support - Empower valuation and risk models in search of alpha using detailed analysis for individual securities or drive sophisticated portfolio valuation and risk analytics
  • Asset Set Up and Maintenance - Enable faster time to trade and ensure ease of processing through reliable access to quality data
  • Enterprise Data Management - Service multiple lines of business from a centralized store of data content
  • Risk Management, Compliance and Regulatory Reporting - Compile an aggregated view of current adjusted positions across all holdings to determine exposure

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