Enhanced, Compliant Instant Messaging for Traders and Brokers

ICE Chat is the industry's most intuitive instant messaging (IM) platform for traders and brokers in the commodity and equity derivatives market. By combining the power of IM, automation and data integration, ICE Chat streamlines market communications to help make better trading decision faster.

Chat Rooms

Collaborate with internal and external contacts using chat rooms that are compatible with AIM and Yahoo.

Network Compatibility

Access all of your contacts across multiple IM systems, including AIM and Yahoo via ICE chat using your existing accounts.


ICE Chat's reliable network and 24-hour technical support avoids the downtime commonly experienced by AIM, Yahoo and other commercial IM networks.


Designed to meet the security, data control and compliance requirements of today's most demanding firm.

Get Started

ICE Chat is a value added feature of WebICE. To download ICE Chat now, simply submit your download request to the Contact Us link below.

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