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The NYSE index family includes a number of equity, option, and multi-asset indices supporting ETPs, options, futures, structured products, and insurance products across the globe. Since the creation of the NYSE Composite Index more than 50 years ago, we have continued to innovate, first focusing on industry, sector, and thematic indices such as the NYSE Arca Gold Miners Index and NYSE Arca Biotechnology Index.

Later, we were the first index provider to launch indices in the fundamental and smart beta space, with the Intellidex & StrataQuant families. More recently, we have continued to develop the next generation of smart beta and multi-asset indices, with a specific focus on the fixed index annuity market.

NYSE Equity

The NYSE Equity index family includes the NYSE Composite and NYSE American family of indices, which highlight companies with a primary listing of the NYSE and NYSE American exchanges, respectively. The NYSE Equity family also includes various indices that provide core exposure to U.S. equities. The NYSE family of sector, industry, and thematic indices aim to help represent the performance of various areas of the economy and market for investors.

NYSE Equity

NYSE American Equity

NYSE Sector / Industry / Thematic

NYSE Strategy

The NYSE Strategy index family includes a number of different smart beta and fundamental index strategies. The Intellidex family was revolutionary when launched and included the first smart beta index to be utilized in an ETF back in 2003. The StrataQuant indices highlight the AlphaDEX® quantitative methodology, which leans on fundamental company metrics to score and select stocks across U.S. sectors. More recently, we have continued to innovate and bring new ideas out to market, as with the NYSE Pure Exposure Indices.

Index Fundamental Equity

StrataQuant Fundamental Equity

NYSE ZebraEdge Index

NYSE FactSet

NYSE Pickens

NYSE Expanded Opportunities Index

Other NYSE Strategy Indices