Analyze your holdings at a single security or portfolio level, with data, pricing and analytics for over 2.8 million securities across asset classes, all backed by a track record of 40+ years.

Coverage includes key fixed income products, a structured finance deal library of over 17,000 deals, equities, ETFs, and derivatives.

Delivery options to complement your workflow

BondEdge provides robust report generation, adaptable features, and on-site installation or hosting through a software as service (SaS) solution.

  • Customize your reporting for various constituents
  • Quantify the effect of trades on a market or book value basis
  • Manage risk with stress-testing and scenario tools
  • Analyze performance with attribution analysis
  • Use asset cash flow projections for liability management

ICE Portfolio Analytics - Bonds provides a web-based solution for portfolio management, analysis, and risk oversight.

  • Compare your portfolios to over 4,500 fixed income indices provided by the ICE BofAML index family
  • Analyze proposed trades by using the Trade View functionality
  • Manage risk with the ability to shock over 30 government and swap yield curves at various tenors
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Support bond swap analysis, web portals, internal platforms and more with on-demand, interactive access to fixed income analytics.

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ICE XL Bond Analytics allows you to retrieve analytics measures from our fixed income analytics engine directly via your Excel spreadsheet.