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ESG Data

In addition to our annual corporate responsibility reports and regular shareholder filings, we provide important information throughout our website on how we approach sustainability issues for our key stakeholders.

These pages were created to bring much of that together in one place.

Make the Connection

Our ability to make a difference environmentally includes both the steps we take to mitigate the impact our operations have on the environment as well as the broad reach of our products and services across market infrastructure and data.

  • Operate leading carbon emissions markets in US, UK and EU, as well as renewable energy markets
  • Offer range of ESG data and analytics to help create transparency, uncover opportunities and manage risk
  • Run leading listings exchange for sustainable ETFs
  • Offer fixed income sustainable benchmarks that account for ESG factors
  • Administer Global Carbon Futures Indices which serve as benchmarks for the global price of carbon
  • Encourage and support NYSE issuers as they navigate the evolving ESG landscape, including ESG reporting guidance as well as resources and platforms for dialogue between issuers and investors
  • Help some of the world’s largest environmental technology companies raise capital through listing on the NYSE
  • Disclose greenhouse gas footprint and TCFD-aligned reporting
  • Address Scope 1 and 2 emissions, as well as those Scope 3 emissions that we can credibly calculate, through the purchase of verified carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates
  • Manage Power Usage Efficiency associated with data centers
  • Take steps when designing and renovating office space, including putting in place energy efficient systems and LED and motion-sensor lighting