We integrate ethics, compliance and accountability into all our practices, starting at the top.

The ICE Board of Directors sets high standards for our employees, officers and directors. The Board oversees, counsels and directs management in the long-term interests of the company and our stockholders. The Board is regularly engaged in business strategy, risk oversight, financial reporting, succession planning and corporate responsibility.
We take seriously the trust our customers have in our platforms, data and technology and the responsibility to protect their data. Our risk management programs are designed to provide for the security and safety of our operations, safeguard our people and our facilities and mitigate business disruptions.
Our values define our culture and how we operate. They drive how we live and work each day. Operating a global business is complex and regulatory and policy environments continue to change. This requires strong standards and procedures.
We contribute to discussions on policy issues that impact our businesses, industries, employees and the communities in which we operate. We share our knowledge and expertise with legislators, regulators, industry organizations, the media and others to contribute to the development of well-informed policy initiatives.

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