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Weather Forecast Data & Analytics

Specifically designed to quantify the effects of changing weather perspectives on market prices, weather forecast data and analytics instantly converts streaming weather forecasts and market prices into actionable knowledge to gain a unique market perspective.

Optimize your workflow

ICE Connect offers robust weather and price data archives to help drive your fundamental modeling needs. Weather forecast data and analytics archives include historical weather forecasts and 40+ years of observed weather (hourly and daily granularity are available for over 100 parameters and 6,000 global locations).

Where weather and markets meet

  • Stream medium- and long-range weather forecasts from key government forecast models
  • Very high spatial and temporal resolutions of all government forecast models
  • 200+ weather forecast fields including Gas Weighted Degree Days, snow, wind, solar, soil moisture, liquid precipitation, temperatures, humidity, pressure, etc
  • 1,000+ global locations and 6,000+ locations ready to add upon request
  • 40+ years of daily and hourly weather observations for all 200+ forecast fields and all locations
  • Pre-calculated climatology for trailing 10, 15 and 30 years as well as the official 30 year
  • Robust archive of weather forecasts which also include timestamps as to when these forecasts were available in the public domain

Weather forecast data and analytics comparison

Most Wx Providers
Most Desktops
Weather Forecast Models
GFS (Op)No
GFS ENS EXTSeptemberNo
SEAS (7mo)AugustNo
CFS (9mo)OctoberNo
Weather Observations
Real-time Airport Weather (METAR)
41 years of Hourly Obs dataNoNo
Trailing 10yr CLIMONoNo
Trailing 15yr CLIMONoNo
Trailing 30yr CLIMONoNo
Official 30yr CLIMO (81-10)No
Weather Forecast Parameters
450+ weather parametersNoNo
Hourly parameters
"Early Look" Daily parametersNoNo
Daily parameters
"Early Look" Multi-Day parameters (calendar weeks, gas weeks, etc..)NoNo
Multi-Day parameters (calendar weeks, gas weeks, etc..)No
CHNG fields (6,12,18,24 hrs ago)No
ANOM fields (using 4 Climos)No
Wx Data (Global Locations)
1,000's of global airportsNo
179 US Power & Gas RegionsNoNo
Ability to add locationsNo
Weather Data Delivery
Interactive Fin tech DesktopNo
Excel RTDNoNo
API (ICEXL; Python, VBA, R, etc…)1 OptionNo
Consolidated Low latency Data Feed Delivery (IGN)Coming soonNoNo
Advanced SymbologyNoNo
Comprehensive Weather Maps
Hourly GuidanceNo
Daily GuidanceNo
Multi-Day GuidanceNo
Forecast Progression MapsNo
Forecast Accuracy / Bias MapsNo
Model Change MapsNo
ANOM & Observation MapsNo
Detailed Model Status Pages
Monitor forecast data delivery speedNoNo
View previous data delivery timesNoNo
Monitor data delaysNoNo
Unique Weather Workflows
Advanced (patent pending) Weather Symbology (aka Weather Legos)NoNo
Ability to create any desired weather table or chart or desktop functionality quickly (using Weather Legos)NoNo
Customizable Weather Alerts on streaming weather forecasts, weather observations, market prices, etcNoNo
Create high-value "weather vs commodity price" visualizations (patent pending)NoNo
Be the first to identify new trading opportunities by quantifying "Weather Alpha" among a wide array of traded commodities NoNo
ICE Weather: Thermal - Antarctica
  • Stratospheric Maps enable early diagnosis of potential month-ahead cold air outbreaks
ICE Weather: Thermal - North America
  • Get visibility into weather conditions up to 45 days out with ECMWF Weeklies



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