ICE Connect Weather Data

Take the chill off unknown trends

Weather analysis has been a key source of trading data since the advent of transparent futures markets.

Analyze the impact weather has on U.S. natural gas and power prices by accessing integrated weather data in our platform, ICE Connect.

ICE Connect Weather Data is integrated with ICE’s proprietary collection of global commodity pricing data, enabling you to more accurately chart and quantify the influence weather has on commodity prices, along with feed supply and demand models in real-time.

Weather data is available in real-time via Excel RTD, so you can respond fast to changing weather patterns.

Quickly grasp weather impacts on natural gas pricing

ICE Connect Weather Data’s proprietary algorithm instantly converts weather forecasts from across 100 U.S. cities into Gas Weighted Degree Days (GWDD) by city, state, census region, EIA region, NERC regions and CONUS.

Using a transparent approach we invite you to view city gas weightings powering this accurate GWDD forecast, which updates extremely fast, allowing you to stay ahead of evolving market situations.

Optimize your trading