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User accessing ice connect on mobile device

ICE Connect

Technology built to support your workflow

Designed to meet the needs of the trading community, ICE Connect brings together a range of trading tools with cross-asset real-time data, news and analytics for global markets. Manage price and currency risk across global markets, and streamline your workflow to focus on your core business objectives by leveraging ICE Connect.

Functionality Available


Build relationships with global market participants in a secure, compliant environment.

Options Analytics

Seek to outperform with an intuitive options pricing tool tailored for your trading needs.


Seize opportunities with access to ICE's liquid and transparent global markets.


Global pre-trade price discovery for listed and OTC equity derivatives.

Why ICE Connect?

In-depth insights market & news coverage

Real-time prices from global exchanges, as well as 3rd party news provide a comprehensive view of the markets you trade.

Specialist content to inform your trading

Understand complex markets with content from price reporting agencies.

Outperform with options monitoring

Efficiently monitor risk with tools that enable quick analysis of your options portfolio’s profit/loss potential.

Stay connected with mobile access

React to global market movements on the go with real-time prices from your phone or tablet.

Increase productivity with charting and analytics

Identify market opportunities with charting, historical data and 90+ indicators. Powerful Excel add-in specialized for the futures markets.

Fast, reliable order routing and connectivity

Seamlessly manage trades with single-click execution and connectivity with FCMs and worldwide exchanges.

Supported Markets

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