ICE Connect

Built for investment and wealth management

Our enhanced wealth offering has an expanding library of content and diverse range of tools. Access one comprehensive desktop or seamlessly embed individual components to your own application to create an actionable workflow. Connect to ICE’s vast network of data and technology through an efficient and secure application.

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The Desktop
Access the global scale and depth of information ICE provides in a single platform, with market-driven results based on portfolio holdings.
  • 175+ sources for market data and related content
    • ESG content and underlying data for best in class transparency
    • Global Equities, options, futures, forex, fixed income, ETF, mutual fund and key market rates data
    • News including Dow Jones and MT Newswires
    • Advanced charting with an extensive library of studies and drawing tools
    • Global Company Fundamental and Corporate Actions
    • Growing universe of screening tools with alternative metrics
    Integrated Solution
    Analyze portfolio and market data with a tailored and scalable private label solution.
    • Secure access to account, third-party, and back-office APIs without ICE storing any sensitive data
    • Search a partner CRM and analyze accounts and portfolios from a larger book of business with real-time analysis to support your decision-making process
    • Trade support for private labels: ticket, activity, order status and compliance workflow across instrument types
    • Customer proprietary content support: ICE can control and display your alerts, research reports and compliance messages

    Tailored Turnkey Components

    Use ICE’s range of widgets to interoperate with your own solutions for a bespoke user experience.

    • Lower total cost of ownership, designed to help you bring digital strategies to market quickly
    • ICE Widget Library and dedicated development site allows for plug and play
    • Pass any aspect of an instrument or portfolio for real-time analysis in an ICE widget or from ICE to your existing application
    • Flexible reporting and vendor management services to support various display use cases

    Scalable & Accessible Technology

    Built on the latest HTML5 technology, ICE Connect can be accessed anywhere using a lightweight solution with no download or install updates required.

    • Cloud-based infrastructure and Chromium-based technology
    • Accessed across multiple browsers and mobile devices
    • Maximize your screen usage with a customizable interface
    • Supports varying levels of market data conflation to best meet bandwidth requirements
    • High security protocols and exchange-level data redundancy