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Weather Forecast Data & Analytics: Newsletter

Specifically designed to quantify the effects of changing weather perspectives for energy traders, ICE’s weather forecast data and analytics converts streaming weather forecasts and market prices into actionable knowledge.

Now, subscribe to ICE’s complimentary Weather Newsletter delivered daily via ICE Chat.

The comprehensive map-based analysis of multi-daily weather forecasts includes surface temperature (2mT) values, changes, and anomalies from some of the most regarded medium range weather models including GFS, GFS ENS, ECMWF and ECMWF ENS.

ICE offers four global geographies along with a morning and afternoon release, so you can subscribe to those that apply to you.

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Welcome to ICE Connect Weather. As part of ICE’s weather debut ICE is offering a FREE Weather Newsletter, delivered via FREE ICE chat in a PDF format.

Weather Newsletters will allow for a quick and comprehensive analysis for Multi-Daily weather forecasts for surface temperature (2mT) VALUES, CHANGES, and ANOMALIES from the most regarded Medium Range Weather Models (e.g. GFS, GFS ENS, ECMWF, ECMWF ENS).

A new FREE ICE Weather Newsletter will be automatically available for review, after all the 00z and 12z Models have finished running.

We look forward to your feedback and addressing any questions regarding ICE Connect’s Premium Weather offering in Connect.

If you are not an existing customer you can sign up for a free ICE Chat trial here

If you are an existing ICE Chat customer fill out the form to sign up for the weather newsletter :