Global pre-trade price discovery platform. QuoteBoard has played a strong role in helping to improve price transparency in OTC equity derivatives markets for over 15 years - used by 80+ broking houses and 130+ financial institutions to post and respond to ‘Indications of Interest’ (IOI).

Simultaneously send ICE Chat and QuoteBoard markets using the ICE Chat blaster

By offering a centralized and aggregated view of IOIs, QuoteBoard helps brokers to quickly track and modify orders. This in turn helps both lead to heightened accuracy and enabling traders to identify opportunities in a more informed manner. QuoteBoard also provides an auditable infrastructure, to help brokers and traders comply with rising regulatory oversight in today’s markets.

Broad product coverage
9,700+ underlyings from global markets, including Asia, Australia, Europe, India, North and South America, Russia and South Africa.

Intuitive functionality

Designed to help facilitate inter-dealer brokerage and provide intelligent price dissemination QuoteBoard standardizes quotes and RFQ’s for ease of consumption.

  • Flexible order management; order entry, order cloning, modifying orders & trade reporting
  • Customized historical data based on the user’s search parameters
  • Internal whiteboard functionality for transparent and efficient order management with colleagues
  • Two-way request for quote (RFQ) functionality
  • Ability to refresh the previous day’s quotes with the click of a button
  • Access every bank/market maker on the QuoteBoard platform when you send your quotes to all
  • Integration with internal pricing systems to identify trading opportunities much faster
  • Customized historical data based on the user’s search parameters
  • Standardizes complex quotes and RFQs for easy consumption and integration
  • Aggregation of brokers’ IOIs with other market data sources
  • Full market depth to see all bids and offers in every structure from every broker
  • Ability to click on the broker quote to open an IM chat to communicate with that broker for execution
  • Two-way request for quote (RFQ) functionality

Flexible access

Access is available via web-based application or APIs in a variety of programming languages, for integration with in-house front end systems.

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