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Employee Development

Throughout the employee lifecycle we are focused on developing and training our people to ensure our ability to succeed as a company, and their ability to advance in their careers.

Required training

All employees and contractors are required to complete training at least annually on several of our compliance, security, human resource and business continuity policies.

All new hires are required to attend introductory sessions to learn about the full breadth of our business, as well as our culture, values and history.

Employees hired into, or promoted to, manager, director and senior director positions are required to complete a series of courses focused on people management skills, HR policy, hiring, and unconscious bias, among other topics.

Career and professional development

We offer several leadership development programs that employees can opt into or be nominated for. These programs include multiple sessions over the course of six months or more with a mix of assessments, third-party instruction, peer-learning discussions and presentations by internal subject matter experts.

Employees at all levels can enroll in one-off or limited-series interactive sessions on a range of development topics throughout the year including: communication skills, emotional intelligence, teamwork, managing your personal brand, building credibility, preparing to lead and mapping your career.

We have over 1,000 online courses available on-demand that cover topics from technical skills to soft skills.

Job-related knowledge and skills

Additional training programs are available, and in many cases mandated, for specific jobs that require technical training and product knowledge. Weekly and monthly educational sessions on a range of business initiatives are available globally via live webcast and archived for replay. Training playlists and curriculum have been developed and are constantly updated to provide in-depth understanding throughout our product and service offerings.


Employees receive annual training on workplace violence and business continuity practices. Throughout our offices we have trained volunteers to assist in the event of an emergency evacuation, and in some cases, to provide medical attention such as CPR. At our New York Stock Exchange building we have a robust safety program, including in-house security and fire wardens.

Academic Partnerships

For those just starting out, we work with universities in some of our locations to provide recruiting opportunities and paid work training to help students explore career goals and receive individual coaching.

We work with Georgia State University to offer three-year rotation programs for accounting and human resources students and early career professionals so that they can gain experience in a corporate environment.