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Core Values

ICE was founded in 2000 on a commitment to transform commodity markets and solve problems for our customers. Over the years, as the company has evolved, we have relied on a set of core values to guide our continued success. These values form the basis of how we measure individual performance and are a roadmap for career advancement.


We work as one team focused on a common set of objectives and committed to each others success

Problem Solving

We focus on identifying and solving our customers' needs and make well-informed, quick decisions


We communicate clearly, constructively and frequently

Integrity & Professionalism

We hold ourselves and each other to the highest standards


We lead by example

Employee Engagement

Knowing that our culture and values are not just what we say they are, we conduct employee surveys every two years to ensure that we are living up to the standards we’ve set. Additional metrics from our employee survey can be found in our annual sustainability reports.

  • We gather additional employee feedback across a mix of "always on feedback" (e.g., direct line communication channels to manager and overall company leadership)
  • Employee life cycle surveys (e.g., onboarding, training, exit interviews)
  • Individual employee-focused assessments (e.g., specific individual development goals and specific individual input on company improvement opportunities)
  • We gather actionable feedback across a variety of populations, and circumstances, throughout the year


As a result of our company’s M&A activity, we have seen significant increases and decreases in our headcount year to year related to acquisitions and divestitures.

As it relates to onboarding employees from M&A activity, our onboarding methodologies are similar to our new hire onboarding methodologies in that they address the wide spectrum of important topics ranging from learning about our business, understanding our culture, understanding our policies and making meaningful connections. Additionally, we pay close attention to our voluntary attrition rates and believe it's an important indicator. In recent years, that rate has remained below relevant and comparable benchmark levels in both the finance and technology sectors.

Labor Relations

We comply with all collective bargaining laws in the jurisdictions where we operate. Of our total employee base, less than 1% is subject to collective bargaining agreements, and such relations are considered to be good.