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We are focused on increasing and supporting diversity through three pillars:

  • Our broader employee population
  • Our board of directors
  • Across companies

Our employees

Throughout our ranks we are working to increase diversity with an objective that our employee population reflects the broader communities where our offices are based.

Pay Parity

We take a systemic approach to pay parity to ensure it is fair irrespective of gender or race, including conducting formal reviews of compensation on a “like for like” job basis.


Our training in support of diversity spans the spectrum of anti-harassment and anti-bias training for employees, to driving retention and development through our leadership and management training programs.


We take several steps to enhance diversity through our hiring process including diverse interviewers and outreach to diverse candidate pools.
To hold ourselves accountable and provide transparency on our path to increasing diversity throughout our employee population, we are publishing diversity metrics for our US-based employees, including our annual EEO-1 data:

U.S. employees

Hispanic or Latino4%3%5%6%
All other0%1%2%1%

U.K. employees

Hispanic or LatinoN/AN/AN/AN/A
All other0%2%4%6%

* Data as of November 15, 2021. Race / ethnicity categories and traditional gender categories of male and female are used to align with the U.S. government reporting requirements. Additionally, UK definitions of race / ethnicity were mapped to align with the US government definitions to allow for globally consistent reporting

** Our US and UK-based employee population comprises approximately 70% of our total employee population

*** This data includes employees from our acquisition of Ellie Mae; data reported in our 2020 Sustainability Report did not. Additional adjustments between categories are expected to be made as we further integrate job levels

**** We plan to include global gender diversity metrics for officers in future reports

We recognize that change is often led from the top and to further drive our efforts throughout the organization, we have set specific, time-bound targets for increasing diversity in our senior ranks, including:

Annual progress
Increase representation of female officers globally from 23% to 30% in five years.Double representation of under-represented minorities* in our U.S. officer population from 6% to 12% in five years.As we work toward these five-year goals, we commit to realizing linear increases.

* Under-represented minorities are defined using the following EEO categories: Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino, American Indian or Alaskan Native.

Our board

Our Board refreshment efforts continue to focus on diversity. As of May 2022, our Board is 60% female and 30% persons of color.

Learn more

Total number of directors
Female 6
Male 4
Did not disclose 0
Race / Ethnicity
Black 2
Hispanic or Latino 0
Asian 1
White 6
Other 1
Did not disclose 0

In the Board Room

Hear from ICE Directors why having women on boards matters

Across companies

Our ability to help increase diversity through our broader network is a good example of our company purpose - using our data, technology and expertise to connect people to opportunity. Two ways we are focused on doing that are the NYSE Board Advisory Council and our Entrepreneur Bootcamps.

  • NYSE Board Advisory Council - In 2019, the NYSE Board Advisory Council launched an initiative to identify board-ready candidates from underrepresented groups. This solutions-based approach is a resource to help public and private companies meet their market-driven board diversity needs. The NYSE leverages its relationships with CEOs of some of the world’s largest and most well-established companies. These CEOs participate by leveraging their own personal and professional networks to identify and recommend talented, diverse, board-ready candidates. In addition to educational and networking opportunities for the board candidates, the council hosts a series of live events designed to connect diverse candidates to NYSE-listed companies seeking to refresh their boards.
  • Entrepreneur Bootcamps - In 2020, we began working on a series of bootcamps that launched in early 2021 to support underserved communities, including black-owned businesses, with educational opportunities and resources for growing their companies.

Gender Pay Ratio (United Kingdom)

In line with UK Government regulations, we report on the gender pay ratio at our Interactive Data European subsidiary.

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