Reliable, Secure Communication for Traders & Brokers

Our robust instant message (IM) system protects the privacy of your business information while you collaborate with other market participants in your industry. Because it was designed specifically for the trading community, the IM app is built to help you react to trade opportunities in real time with features including trade recognition logic, blast messages and a private marketplace directory.

What IM Offers You

Secure, Encrypted Communication

Exchanging sensitive information is part of our daily routine in the financial services industry. Our IM app keeps that information completely confidential and secure - and it will always belong exclusively to you.

Industry Compliance

The IM app is designed to meet the compliance requirements of today's most demanding firms. When you're responding to SEC inquiries or providing information for a compliance officer at your firm, you're able to easily filter through logs by individual user, trade type, a range of dates and more.

Safe, Reliable Connections

You need the ability to communicate and exchange information without being disrupted. Our reliable network and 24-hour technical support avoids the downtime commonly experienced by AIM, Yahoo! and other commercial instant messaging networks.

Record Retention that Integrates with Your Infrastructure

We work with you and/or any third-party compliance vendors you enlist to make sure all your compliance records are delivered in the format and file structure that best fits your archiving process.

Skype Compatibility

Our IM system integrates with Skype Personal to enable you to access all your contacts across multiple IM systems. If you're a Skype user, you can try the ICE IM app today without worrying about transferring contacts or making manual updates; the entire process is seamless.

Market Data Recognition

ICE IM offers proprietary message recognition technology which turns market messages into market data. Connect an analytics model to ICE IM and get instant feedback on buy/sell opportunities. ICE IM allows you to customize your message data views and display the data you want how you want it.

How to Use Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is a service available through the ICE trading platform. You can access IM from the ICE trading platform on the web while you're at your desk or on your mobile device when you're on the go.

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