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An advanced delivery platform

APEX, a flexible and powerful data delivery platform, simplifies data access for the front, middle and back office. Through a format and frequency that conforms to existing workflows, APEX delivers award-winning pricing and reference data for use with trade setup, pre-trade compliance, trade settlement and reporting, risk management, compliance and audit activities.

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APEX also facilitates centralization of your reference data for more reliable aggregation and reporting at the enterprise level. The APEX data model supports all asset classes and geographic regions across multiple data sets and helps create a single point model that incorporates pricing, analytics and reference data.

Flexible Delivery Options

In today’s complex data environment, no single solution or delivery channel can meet the workflow and requirements of all clients. To assist with these varied circumstances, APEX utilizes a common data model to unify the presentation of ICE Data Services' pricing and reference data across three distinct delivery channels. Our data model design incorporates years of experience with complex financial data publication in a transparent and logical structure. The various delivery options can be used in combination or on a standalone basis to meet your scheduling needs. Additionally, our flexible licensing model can help make it easier to support your downstream applications.

ICE Data Services' flexible delivery channels provide you with data you need, when you need it and in the format you require to drive mission-critical applications.

File Delivery

Populate your data warehouse or EDM system with end-of-day or intraday access to ICE Data Services' global, multi-asset data sets using easy to integrate, standard interfaces.

Web Service

Support trade setup and other applications with request-driven programmatic access to the most current APEX data. The APEX Web Service can be quickly integrated with your existing applications, eliminating the need to build and maintain a complex data warehouse.


An add-in program for use with Microsoft® Excel® provides users with immediate access to our award winning pricing and reference data. APEX On-Demand leverages Excel, a tool business users already use, to add a simple point-and-click interface to retrieve data from APEX to power analyses.

Data Sets Available Through Apex

Evaluated Pricing & Mark-to-Market Data

With approximately 2.7 million daily evaluations, including a broad range of hard-to-value, thinly traded securities, we’re a market leader in evaluated pricing for fixed income and international equities. Each independent evaluation represents a good faith opinion as to what a buyer in the marketplace would pay for a security (typically in an institutional round lot position) in a current sale. For derivatives market participants, we provide mark-to-market and OTC data across multiple asset class including FX, commodities, equities and more.

Reference Data

We provide reference data for more than 10 million financial instruments, tracking key data points such as terms and conditions, corporate actions, entity linkages and identification information. For more than 5,000 commercial market participants, our reference data is an essential component of the full securities lifecycle across pre-trade, post-trade, settlement, reporting, risk mitigation and compliance.

Analytics Tools

Our award-winning evaluated pricing and industry-first continuous fixed income pricing powers a growing suite of analytics to support risk management, regulatory compliance and investment decisions, including:¿

  • Best Execution for a trade-by-trade measure of relative fixed income trade execution quality
  • Risk metrics across multiple asset classes
  • Comprehensive security coverage for more than 2.7 million domestic and international fixed income securities