ICE Endex

Market Resources


ICE Endex Auctions & Gas Storage Services
ICE Endex auctions gas storage services in Germany and the Netherlands. See the latest auction volumes and results.

Trade Policies & Procedures

ICE Endex Operating Schedule
This document lists the relevant opening and closing times of the ICE Endex Futures markets.
Block Trades, EFP and EFS Procedures
This document defines applicable timeframes for the submission and confirmation of block trades, EFPs and EFSs.
Trade Cancellations and Price Adjustments
This policy articulates guidance related to preventing execution of trades at unrepresentative prices as well as any policies and procedures for the price adjustment or cancellation of trades.


Reportable Thresholds
Get a summary overview of the position reporting thresholds for each ICE Endex futures and options contract. These positions should be included in each reporting firm’s daily electronic Large Trader File (“LGTR”).
Data Publication - Front Report
The Front Report, published in our Report Center, provides a summary of the contracts frequently used in end-user delivery contracts.
Data Publication – End-of-Day Report
At the end of each business day, ICE Endex establishes settlement prices for the markets it operates. These settlement prices are published as part of the End-of-Day report, an automatically derived report publishing the full curve of tradable contracts available through this market.
Settlement Parameters & Spreads
See settlement parameters for each ICE Endex futures product including pricing sessions, contracts, minimum trade volume and volume size orders, weighted average percentages, maximum quotes standard deviation and more.
No Cancellation Range and Reasonability Limits
This list includes the reasonability limits, no cancellation ranges (NCR) and interval price limits for futures and options contracts traded through this market.
ICE Endex Guide to Position Reporting
Orders to Transactions Ratios
Guidance Orders to Transactions Ratios
Stop with Protection Order: Protection Limits
This reference document includes the stop order protection limits for futures contracts traded through the ICE Endex markets.
Self Trade Prevention Functionality FAQ
The most frequently asked questions about self trade prevention explain how our prevention functionality works and how it can be set up in your account.
Ownership and Control Reporting
MFT Access Request - OCR
OCR Portal Access Request Form
Position Transfer Guidance
MIFID MFT Access Form
The ICE MFT Service allows Members and relevant market participants to automate or ad-hoc downloading and uploading of MiFID data files. Members and market participants requesting use of the ICE MiFID MFT Service should complete the attached MiFID Access Request Form and return it to the email address included at the top of the form.
This document provides answers to frequently asked questions in relation to the Exchange REMIT Transaction Reporting Facility offered by ICE Endex.
LIS Threshold
This document provides an overview of the MiFIR Large inScale (‘LIS’) thresholds for block trades
Trade at Settlement
TAS allows a trader to enter an order to buy or sell and eligible futures contract during the course of the trading day at a price equal to the settlement price for that contract or at a price up to five ticks above or below the settlement price.
Trade at Index Close (TIC)