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With approximately 4 million contracts cleared every day across multiple asset classes, ICE Clear Europe is one of the world’s most diverse and leading clearing houses. It provides central counterparty clearing and risk management services for interest rate, equity index, agricultural and energy derivatives, as well as European credit default swaps (CDS).

As part of our strategy to provide clearing services in the regulatory jurisdictions and time zones where you do business, we offer secure, capital-efficient clearing, risk management and physical delivery services through ICE Clear Europe. To help mitigate systemic risk and protect the interests of our clearing members and customers, ICE Clear Europe holds $35 billion in its financial guarantee package (guarantee fund) and is regulated by the Bank of England in the U.K. and by the SEC and CFTC in the U.S.

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ICE Clear Europe was established in 2008 to provide central counterparty clearing services to ICE’s global energy markets. Since then, the clearing house has facilitated the introduction of clearing for more than 1,000 energy products.

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Interest Rates

For interest rates, we offer customers deep capital efficiencies across our product set. This includes the most liquid short-term European interest rate futures contracts, such as EURIBOR ® and Short Sterling, as well as contracts across the European sovereign and inter-bank yield curves. ICE Clear Europe also provides clearing for the dollar-denominated Eurodollar and GCF Repo futures.

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Equity Derivatives

Equity derivatives cleared through ICE Clear Europe include MSCI, FTSE and Russell index futures, as well as a comprehensive range of single stock futures, single stock options and the most extensive and widely traded portfolio of dividend adjusted stock futures. With index and single stock derivatives cleared through one central clearing house, customers can benefit from significant margin offsets and capital efficiencies.

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Credit Default Swaps

Since 2009, ICE Clear Europe has provided a dynamic clearing framework for the credit default swap (CDS) market that includes same-day clearing, reliable end-of-day pricing and capital efficiencies generated through a sophisticated in-house risk model.

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Many agriculture market participants from around the globe, including farmers and manufacturers, trade London’s agriculture markets and clear their contracts through ICE Clear Europe. Products include futures and options contracts on cocoa, Robusta coffee, white sugar and feed wheat.

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