Through a robust suite of price discovery and execution tools, we unify in-depth market data and utilize sophisticated workflows to help market participants make more informed trading decisions and support efforts to meet compliance obligations. Whether you’re looking for a trading and risk management platform with access to ICE futures markets, fixed income pricing transparency or secure collaboration tools, we have the technology ecosystem to meet your business needs.

Price Discovery & Execution Tools

ICE Connect

ICE Connect is a seamless way to access your trading, messaging and analytics tools, alongside our expanded Data & Analytics application to streamline your workflow and leverage data more effectively.

Embedded into your existing ICE applications, ICE Connect provides single sign-on functionality so you can launch your trading tools without having to re-enter your credentials.


ICE Trading Platform

The multi-asset ICE trading platform is your home base for account management and access to the transparent, liquid ICE futures markets. It’s secure, flexible technology supports a collaborative ecosystem of trading apps that can be accessed to meet the specific needs of your firm or industry and allows for new products or functionality to be added without requiring you to update your own systems.

  • Support for a full range of option strategies
  • A Position Keeper that enables you analyze and manage all your ICE positions from one location
  • Real-time trading alerts to help you track market moves
  • An advanced options pricing and risk management tool that enables you to quickly price nearly all options/futures spreads

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Our robust instant messaging (IM) system protects the privacy of your business information while you collaborate with other market participants in your industry through a secure, compliant channel. Because it was designed specifically for the trading community, the IM app is built to help you react to trade opportunities in real time with features including trade recognition logic, blast messages and a private marketplace directory.

IM Highlights:

  • A directory of all ICE market participants
  • Text recognition logic that turns your messages into actionable data
  • Designed to help firms meet compliance and reporting obligations
  • Record retention that integrates with your infrastructure
  • AIM and Yahoo! IM compatibility
  • Secure, reliable connection
  • Easy-to-use, customizable interface
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ICE Data & Analytics

ICE Data & Analytics brings together real-time market data, charting and analytics across global markets to help you manage price and currency risk, including:

  • Comprehensive data and pricing from global futures exchanges
  • Data from ICE futures markets
  • FX spot and forward prices from over 100 contributors
  • Global news, weather maps and statistics
  • Accessible from anywhere via your desktop or mobile


Options Analytics

Options Analytics is an advanced option pricing and risk management tool that enables users to quickly price nearly all options/futures spreads via an intuitive point-and-click interface.

Highlights of ICE Options Analytics:

  • Quickly calculate valuations and Greeks for complex markets
  • Customize the app's features to match your trading needs
  • Make informed decisions with dynamic and flexible, real-time risk reports
  • Use our intuitive, patented method for pricing spreads and structures
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The Block application streamlines the submission of off-exchange trades for clearing, seamlessly connecting brokers to clearing and customer back offices.

Highlights of ICE Block:

  • Straight-through-processing of executed trades delivered directly to clearing and customer back offices
  • Launches pre-populated tickets from the ICE trading platform and instant messaging app
  • Faster entry and fewer errors with system-populated implied prices or integration with pricing model
  • Tight integration with ICE trading platform RFQs and cross orders
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Cscreen is a price discovery and dissemination platform that provides an efficient, secure communication channel for brokers and traders.

Cscreen Highlights:

  • Communicates ‘Indications of Interest’ (IOI)
  • Accurate, transparent price dissemination
  • Supports exotic strategies on single and multiple underlyings
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Vantage Fixed Income Transparency Desktop

Vantage provides a way for you to better understand fixed income evaluated prices within the context of a broad range of relevant market information, including public and proprietary market data inputs used in the evaluated pricing process. These inputs appear side-by-side with our evaluated prices in a single display, and feature our assumptive data and proprietary market color. This includes anonymous trades, quotes, dealer runs and market posts, along with publicly available FINRA TRACE® and MSRB data.

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APEX, a flexible and powerful data delivery platform, simplifies data access for the front, middle and back office. Through a format and frequency that conforms to existing workflows, APEX delivers award-winning pricing and reference data for use with trade setup, pre-trade compliance, trade settlement and reporting, risk management, compliance and audit activities.

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FUTURESOURCE Commodities Platform

FutureSource brings together real-time market data, charting, analytics and Dow Jones news across global commodities markets to help you better manage price and currency risk. It includes coverage of the futures and options exchanges specializing in agricultural, energy and metals commodities, together with prices from brokers (such as ICAP and GFI) and price reporting agencies (such as Platts, Argus Media and OPIS).

Delivered as a fully-hosted web and mobile solution with an Excel add-in built for commodities traders and analysts, FutureSource can be a cost-effective data solution for the commodity markets.

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