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Welcome to the ICE ETF Hub

Simple. Efficient. Transparent.

The U.S. ETF market has seen tremendous growth. According to the Investment Company Institute, net assets grew six-fold over the last decade to $3.4 trillion.

As assets and trade volumes have accelerated, so has the need for solutions that drive further efficiencies in the primary markets.

The new ICE ETF Hub will provide standards to simplify the creation & redemption process across equity and fixed income ETFs.

ICE ETF Hub: Advancing the ETF industry

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Bringing efficiencies to the primary trading workflow

Order Entry & History Management

Streamlined ETF order entry across fixed income and equity ETFs through FIX API messaging and user interfaces

Consolidated Issuer Data

Centralized access to issuer data in a consolidated, normalized and consistent format

Fixed Income Basket Facilitation

Standardized API messaging to improve the speed and accuracy of custom basket facilitations for fixed income ETFs


Dynamic tools to assess ETFs in a standardized format via front-end interfaces and API connectivity


Seamless integration with ICE instant messaging enabling real-time communication throughout the order workflow

ICE ETF Hub Community

ICE ETF Hub Client Support

Weekday Client Support

Hours: 8am-6pm Weekdays

+ 770 738 2101 (Option 7 + 1)

[email protected]

Onboarding & Access

  • User Setup Requests
  • Counterparty Entitlements
  • New Participant or Third Party Integration Setup Requests
  • Access requests to ICE Chat or Data (FTP)

Workflow Support

  • Creation/Redemption Order Entry Support Inquiry
  • Fund Reference Data inquiries and intra-day updates
  • Portfolio Composition File (PCF) Intra-day updates

General Inquiries

  • Testing Workflow Inquiries
  • Platform Questions (Enhancement Requests, Compliance/Legal, etc.)
  • Requests to be added to Platform Enhancement and System Maintenance Notices

24/7 Technical Support

Includes Holidays & Weekends

+ 770 738 2101 (Option 7 + 2)

[email protected]


  • Fix API Technical Issues
  • Web User Interface Technical Access Issues
  • Urgent Issuer PCF File Upload Issues