FE Hub Real Time Financial Off-Peak (bilateral)

FE Hub Real Time Financial Off-Peak (bilateral)1090


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Market Specifications

Trading Screen Product Name
Fin Swap-Off-Peak
Trading Screen Hub Name
FE Hub RT Off-Peak
Trading Hours
24 x 7
All off peak hours for the applicable strip length referenced by the market for hours that are hours ending 0100-0700 and HE 2400 in the eastern ("EPT") or central ("CPT") prevailing time zone., for weekly, weekend, and NERC holidays.
Unit of Trading
Contract Size multiplied by the number of off peak hours of every day in the calendar month traded. This will be expressed as "lots" in PTMS.
US $ and cents per MWH
Minimum Tick
0.05 per MWH
Last Trading Day
The business day prior to the contract month.
Cash Settled in USD.
Settlement Date
Each pricing day during a Determination Period.
Payment Dates
Ten (10) New York Business Days of the month following the Determination Period via wire transfer of Federal Funds.
MIC Code
Clearing Venues