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A globally distributed, single point of access to all ICE futures and options markets

WebICE is the multi-asset front-end trading platform to cater for all your trading needs. It is fully integrated in the ICE Launcher, together with other ICE apps such as ICE Chat and ICE Options Analytics. WebICE includes the latest functionality, high-speed execution and resilience. It is available for Front, Middle & Back-Office with integrated API’s for Straight-through processing (STP) , a real-time Position Keeper and intra-day margin capability.​

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Why trade using WebICE?

React to market opportunity quickly with ability to set orders that execute when market criteria you set are achieved.

WebICE offers a variety of ​Exchange and Smart Order functionality to facilitate execution.

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Exchange Order Types

Available orders types in WebICE to control the validiity of an order are as follows:

  • Day
  • Market
  • Good Till Cancelled (GTC)
  • Good After Logout (GAL)​
  • Good Till Date (GTD)
  • FAK (Fill And Kill)​
  • FOK (Fill Or Kill)

Reserved Quantity

Reserved Quantity is a convenient way of executing large orders in a series of small increments. This feature re-posts an order when it is filled, at the same quantity and at the same price, until the Total Quantity specified has been filled.

Bulk Order Entry

Smart Order Types

Available orders types exclusive in WebICE to control the validiity of an order are as follows:

TTL (Time To Live)

Smart Order, TTL will give the user the ability to set the number of seconds they want the order to live. When the time elapses, the user has the option to set the desired action - hold or kill when time expires.

TTL (Time To Live)

GTDate with Time

Users can submit a ‘GTDateTime’ order by selecting this value under the ‘Good For’ drop-down on order entry. Time can be specified in hh/mm in local time zone in addition to a date so as to indicate when an order should expire (Time can be within the same day/ session or a future session). If no time is specified then the order will expire at the end of the session on the specified date.

‘Good for’ column will display ‘GTDateTime’ and ‘Good Till Date’ column will display the user specified time along with the date for such orders in the WebICE Orders tab.

GTDate with TimeScaled Order with Reserved Quantity

Scaled Order with Reserved Quantity

We have supported Scaled Order entry via Trade (WebICE) whereby a user interested in getting an average price submits multiple orders at scaled prices through a single ticket. Users will have the option to submit Scaled orders with Reserve quantity (via WebICE only). There will be a new ‘Reserve’ checkbox on the Scaled order entry ticket.

OCO (One Cancels Other)

The OCO order type provides a user the ability to place two orders with a link between them so that if one order is filled or partially filled, the other order is withdrawn / killed immediately. The OCO order type is only available on WebICE in the new enhanced ICE Order Ticket.

OCO orders will support:

  • Limit & Limit
  • Stop & Stop
  • Limit & Stop

Contingency Orders

Contingency functionality allows a user to set a price trigger and when the trigger price is met, take action on an order, by either making the order active or withdrawn from the market. The Contingency order is only available on WebICE in the new enhanced ICE Order Ticket.

Supported with:

  • Limit
  • GAL
  • Time in Force
  • Stops
  • Reserved Quantity
TTL (Time To Live)
Contingency Orders

Bracket Orders

Floating a bracket order allows a user to place an order in the market on one side and specify two pending orders (OCO) on the opposite side to cover a loss (stop order) or generate a profit (limit order) which will be floated out should the original order get filled.

Bracket Orders

Stops with Limits and Trailing

WebICE offers Stop orders with Protection for Futures Markets. ICE stop orders will offer an exchange set protection limit and will not convert to a conventional stop market order.

Trailing Stops are a type of stop loss order that combines elements of both risk management and trade management. Trailing stops are also known as profit protecting stops, because they are used to keep a particular amount of profit in addition to preventing a loss. The trailing stop is initially placed in the same manner as a regular stop loss order.

For example, a trailing stop for a long trade would be a sell order, and would be placed at a price that was below the trade entry (and the exact opposite for a short trade). The main difference between a regular stop loss and a trailing stop is that the trailing stop automatically moves as the price moves. For example, for every five ticks that the price moves, the trailing stop would also move five ticks. Trailing stops only move in one direction (with the trade), so if the price moves with the trade (i.e. into profit) the trailing stop moves with it, but if the price moves against the trade (i.e. taking profit away) the trailing stop stays still.

Stops with Limits and Trailing

New version 14.200 available


Application Programming Interface (API)

WebICE supports straight-through trade processing with your clearing firm, and your internal middle-office system. ICE Trade Capture API is available for companies to receive in real-time all the trades done (both screen and block trades) into their middle office system.​​​

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Extract live market data from WebICE into Excel
Traders can link and manage orders from Excel to WebICE
With an ICE Chat Pro subscription, traders are able to automatically extract ICE Chat broker quotes and display them side-by-side with the live screen market

With IOA options pricing calculator, WebICE is able to display options greeks for vanilla and complex strategy options strategies for easier trading decisions.

Redesigned to provide greater flexibility in identifying users that should not be matched on trade with each other
Offers the ability to bulk upload orders via CSV. file via the Orderbook
View spreads across the curve quickly and identify potential trade set-ups


ICE Trader Dashboard

All user guides and training resources are available here. Use your ICE login details to access.

WebICE System Requirements

The specifications are intended as a guideline for ensuring optimal performance and the best WebICE experience.

WebICE Firewall & Proxy Requirements

This is a network pre-requisite for WebICE to operate.

Requires an ICE Community account.

Capital Efficient Infrastructure

As markets become interconnected, the need for pricing and transparency has increased.