ICE Data Services raw tick historical data solutions serve the needs of the most-latency sensitive traders, by providing high precision data that enables testing and optimization of trading strategies, market research and analytics.

Accurately time-stamp market data off the wire with our exchange coverage and colocation presence globally. Low latency direct feeds with nanosecond precision time-stamps are captured in each exchange colocation.

The raw tick data service provides coverage of the ICE, NYSE, Nasdaq, Bats and CME U.S. equity and futures markets.

Key Benefits

  • Low latency: GPS based time-stamps applied at the lowest latency exchange hand-offs
  • Lossless packet capture (.pcap): Highly resilient setup at each location, sourced with two feeds that connect to independent capture systems
  • Time to market: Immediate access to high resolution raw market data to research new venues and feeds
  • Savings on storage costs: Monthly subscription provides on demand access to back history
  • Ease of access: .pcap files (compressed) are available via AWS (Amazon Web Services) for both on-demand and bulk deliveries