We offer a complete range of options including latency sensitive applications that require colocation or proximity hosting to ICE and other markets. Our connectivity infrastructure in colocation and hosting is designed to eliminate a single point of failure, and offers remote Smart Hands on-site assistance for your hosted equipment within shared or dedicated racks.


Colocation at ICE Data Centers

U.S. (Chicago, Illinois, Mahwah, New Jersey) and UK (Basildon, Essex) centers offer options ranging from high density powered full cabinets to entry-level partial cabinets.

SFTI Plus Hosting Centers in 10 Locations

Locations in U.S., Canada and Europe include racking and cabling services for equipment you choose to host; dedicated and shared cabinet hosting provided.

Precision Timing Services

ICE Data Centers include ICE’s NPL Time in Europe that provide accurate timestamping, including for GPS, PTP and NTP as inputs to measure latency in market data and order routing.


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