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Data in Action

Digging into board diversity data

August 9, 2021
David Varano
ICE Data Services Director, Business Development

Across the U.S. and Europe, regulators and stakeholders are focusing more on board diversity. For some market participants, board diversity is no longer optional. There have been studies that indicate more diverse boards can lead to better results for shareholders as well as being a consideration for impact investing.

Looking at the ICE U.S. 1000 Index in August 2021, we found the average percentage of female board representation to be just 28%.

Female and Male Representation Across the ICE U.S. 1000 Index

Digging into board diversity data

Source: ICE ESG Reference Data, August 2021

ICE ESG Reference Data can allow users to drill down to the key attributes of specific indices, sectors and companies. The service provides detailed ESG attributes and indicators that may be financially material, such as greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reported, board diversity, benefits and many others, sourced from company and publicly available third-party sources.

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