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Data in Action

Examining market trends and global events through the lens of ICE's data


As we look back on the first quarter of 2022, returns across investable asset classes show some remarkably disparate results.

Risk Management

Liquidity and swing pricing during volatile markets
Swing pricing seeks to minimize the negative economic impact for fund shareholders who stay invested, and reduce arbitrage opportunities for those who exit, especially during more volatile periods.

Data Access

Harnessing signals from the credit default swap market
From semiconductors to chicken wings, companies across the world are scouring their networks to ensure their distribution channels can withstand supply-chain turmoil.

Data Access
It may be a new year, but inflation seems to be sticking around for a little longer and the problem doesn’t seem to recognize borders.
Indexation and ETFs

Across the Atlantic, the EU attracted strong demand for the issuance of its inaugural green bond. The €12 billion sale racked up more than €135 billion in interest, making it the largest green bond deal in history.

ESG Data

Digging into board diversity data
Across the U.S. and Europe, regulators and stakeholders are focusing more on board diversity. For some market participants, board diversity is no longer optional. There have been studies that indicate more diverse boards can lead to better results for shareholders as well as being a consideration for impact investing.

ESG Data


ICE ESG Reference Data

Better understand the environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities of global corporations.

ICE Portfolio Analytics

Analyze holdings at a single security or portfolio level, with data, pricing and analytics across asset classes.

ICE Data Indices

Enhance your investment processes with an integrated index solution.