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ESG Reference Data

Better understand the environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities of global corporations with ICE Data Services’ ESG Reference Data. The service provides detailed ESG attributes and indicators that may be financially-material, such as greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reported, board diversity, benefits and many others, sourced from both company and publicly-available third-party sources.

This data set was developed in collaboration with Bank of America (BofA) Global Research who leverage this offering to enhance its global equity and credit analysis, including ESG-related metrics, incorporated into the fundamental research reports it provides to its clients.

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Data attributes measured

We capture a detailed array of data attributes and indicators such as:


  • Carbon Emissions
  • GHG Emissions
  • Renewable Energy
  • Toxic Air Emissions
  • Water Efficiency
  • Waste


  • Benefits
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Employee Training
  • Human Capital
  • Operational Performance
  • Product Quality and Safety


  • Board Profile
  • Board Skillset
  • Business Ethics
  • Compensation
  • Ownership and Control
  • Sustainable Development Goals

ESG Risk Data

In order to provide greater transparency into the risks of public companies ESG risk data from RepRisk, an ESG data science company, is offered as part of our ESG Reference Data service. This risk-focused data set provides detailed metrics related to how a company manages its business conduct risks (such as child labor, weapons, corruption, and fraud), based on publicly available sources external to a company. By combining RepRisk’s “outside-in” ESG data perspective with ICE’s “inside-out” approach of monitoring company disclosures, we believe our ESG Reference Data service provides a comprehensive view to identify ESG risks that may be financially material.

Features & Benefits

Extensive Coverage

Through our dedicated team of reference data specialists, we aim to provide extensive and timely coverage of multiple data sources from company-reported and publicly-available documents, such as regulatory documents, proxy statements and other trusted sources. We also monitor corporate actions and other materially-significant events, such as controversies, as and when they happen.

Focus on Detail

With detailed data attributes and indicators, we provide insight into how companies manage their ESG issues. In addition to our proprietary data set we also offer ESG risk data from RepRisk, helping our clients identify, assess, and monitor the material ESG risks of listed companies.

Quality Control

An open and transparent challenge process enables clients and subject companies to raise inquiries about the data, which helps us continuously quality check. With our focus on maintaining data provenance, information gathered during the challenge process can be used to help improve our data quality.

Business Entity Lineage

With our experience in tracking data origin and lineage through our Business Entity Service, combined with our ICE Uniform Entity Sectors, our ESG data is available within the corporate entity hierarchy. The service allows our clients to cross-reference company-level ESG reference data with the underlying security-level details.

Structured Data

As a long-time provider of financial data, we understand the need to present structured and, where possible, machine-readable information. Our ESG data is provided in a consistent format allowing our customers to compare data points like-for-like across the broad universe of industries we cover.

Financially Material Data

We concentrate on sourcing information that may be financially-material for company performance and peer analysis, including credit analysis.

Flexible Delivery

Flexible delivery available including an easy to use user interface (ICE Data Viewer for ESG), and XML file delivery.

User friendly, customizable dashboard

Detailed ESG metrics with historical data

Cross compare companies and sectors

Standardized metrics

Controversy metrics

Downloadable reports

ICE ESG Data Viewer

Use Cases

Representative use cases:

Focus on ESG-related attributes that may correlate to financial performance as part of an investment strategy.
Risk management
Enhance traditional risk measures by incorporating ESG performance related attributes into risk analysis, including credit and earnings risk.
Portfolio construction
Incorporate ESG attributes in portfolio creation to help meet ESG investment criteria.
Help identify instruments to include in custom index benchmarks and ETFs.
Proprietary scoring
Leverage the depth and detail of ICE Data Services’ ESG reference data to inform the creation of ESG company rankings based on proprietary scoring criteria or frameworks.
Help facilitate investor reporting on how ESG factors were used in the methodology and promotion of ESG themed investment vehicles.
Regulatory compliance

Support sustainability related disclosures and policies on the integration of sustainability risk in the investment decision-making process. This data set could be used to support compliance with EU sustainability disclosure regulations such as Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 and other ESG related regulation. Learn more about ICE ESG regulatory support.

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