The most liquid market for global crude & refined oil

Today, around half the world's oil futures are traded on ICE, as the leading marketplace for global crude and refined oil. These include derivatives on Brent - the world’s most commonly referenced crude price - Platts Dubai, West Texas Intermediate (WTI), Gasoil, Heating Oil, and hundreds of additional grades.

ICE Brent and Platts Dubai are the most widely used global benchmarks for physical crude, and our Dubai futures provide critical price discovery and risk management for the Middle East and Asian markets. Dubai's influence continues to grow, as a pricing reference for crude oil cargoes used across the Asia-Pacific and U.S. West coast. We continually innovate to reflect evolving demand and supply fundamentals, changes in drilling technology, and new discoveries.

Bringing U.S. crude to the global market

Our Permian WTI contract is a controlled, predictable quality specification that provides a benchmark for pricing U.S. crudes at the most active trading hub on the Gulf Coast.

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Global Benchmarks

Price benchmarks do the "heavy lifting" for oil price discovery, enabling other grades to be traded in reference to the most liquid flat price instruments. This helps provide security and liquidity to the whole market.

Brent Crude »

Representing two-thirds of the world's crude oil, its broad accessibility and ability to continuously evolve, has led Brent to become the global oil benchmark.

Dubai »

As the principal for the Middle Eastern and Asian crude oil markets, Platts Dubai futures provides critical price discovery and risk management.

Brent 1st Line vs. Dubai 1st Line Future »

A monthly cash-settled future based on the difference between the ICE daily settlement price for Brent 1st Line and the Platts daily assessment price for prompt Dubai.

Permian WTI »

The physically-delivered Permian WTI futures contract brings a light sweet U.S. crude to the global market, with a delivery point in Houston enabling efficient transportation to domestic and foreign buyers.


The ICE West Texas Intermediate (WTI) Light Sweet Crude Oil futures contract offers the opportunity to trade one of the world's most liquid crudes in an electronic marketplace.

Brent/WTI Futures Spread »

Trade the spread between ICE Brent Futures and ICE WTI futures.

ICE Global Oil Data Center

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Recent OI Activity

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Recent OI Activity

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Recent OI Activity

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