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ICE Clear Netherlands, our continental European clearing house, offers secure and capital-efficient clearing services for European equity derivatives products. It combines a transparent pricing structure with robust risk management systems.

As part of our strategy to provide clearing capabilities in the regulatory jurisdictions and time zones where you do business, ICE Clear Netherlands operates under the Dutch regulatory system. The Dutch Central Bank (DNB) and the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) regulate ICE Clear Netherlands.

The clearing house has a license in accordance with articles 14 and 17 of the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) No. 648/2012 on OTC derivatives, central counterparties and trade repositories.

Phone During Business Hours (7.00 – 19.30 CET): +31 (0)20 305 5155
Phone Outside Business Hours: +31 (0)20 305 5162

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ICE Clear Netherlands delivers clearing services for the equity derivatives market of TOM (The Order Machine) MTF, a Dutch Multilateral Trading Facility.

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