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Trading and intraday risk management amid market dislocation

With increased volatility and inflations risks, trading activity brings a high degree of risk and sensitivity to any new market development which cause price swings on top of the inherent volatility within the assets.

We’re excited to join Asia Risk, to examine the practical risk management approaches and innovation to support intraday pricing, and the challenges faced amid changing market conditions.


  • How are banks and buy-side firms in the APAC region tackling rising inflation and its impact on trading strategies.
  • What are the most efficient approach and techniques in managing risk in today’s volatile environment?
  • How to evaluate liquidity risks when changing positions.
  • How does the LIBOR transition bring more complexity in today’s risk management techniques?
  • How data analytics can help identify key risk factors and their impact on trading activity and risk management.


  • Michael Mudd, Senior Digital Trade Adviser, International Economics consulting Ltd
  • Xiao Xiao, Head of Derivatives and Regulation, APAC, ICE Data Services

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