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ICE Index Summit

In Part 2 of the ICE Index Summit, we provided an overview of the annual rule survey results as well as several sessions covering key trends influencing the evolving index landscape.

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  • Annual bond index rule survey results (2:26 min)
  • Developments and overview of new approaches to sustainable indices being developed at ICE (40:00 min)
  • 3 p.m. Vs 4 p.m. Indices (1:08:07 min)
  • Municipal market panel discussion with guest speakers from BlackRock, risQ Inc. and Bondlink (1:21:55)


  • Phil Galdi, VP, Corporate Development, ICE Data Services
  • Spencer Gallagher, Senior Director, Product Management, ICE
  • Preston Peacock, Senior Director, Product Management, ICE
  • Karen Schenone, Managing Director, Head of iShares Fixed Income Strategy, BlackRock
  • Chris Hartshorn, Chief Commercial Officer, risQ Inc.
  • Colin MacNaught, CEO & Co-Founder, BondLink

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