ICE Swap Trade

ICE Swap Trade brings transparency, efficiency and reliability to the swaps market to help mitigate the risk associated with cleared and bilateral swaps. As a leading swap execution facility, this market increases visibility into the trading activity around CDS indexes and cleared single names, bilateral energy trades on natural gas, electricity and Platts oil swaps.

As part of its risk mitigation design, ICE Swap Trade offers market participants easy access to ICE Trade Vault, a global repository for reporting all energy and CDS swaps.

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Asset Classes


ICE Swap Trade’s liquid market supports bilateral energy trading and includes the following products: natural gas, electricity and Platts oil swaps.

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ICE Swap Trade is the first to bring full anonymity, cleared contracts to a CDS central limit order book. The credit instruments offered through ICE Swap Trade include CDS indexes and cleared single-name CDS to help you find the products that best fit your trading and risk management strategy.

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Clearing Houses

ICE Clear Credit

Established in 2009 as the world’s first clearing house for credit default swaps, ICE Clear Credit was part of our response to calls from regulators for risk management in the CDS markets following the financial crisis. ICE Clear Credit provides a specialized risk management infrastructure for dealers and clients, leveraging the legal framework, treasury systems and trade warehousing systems currently in use by the industry.

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ICE Clear Europe

ICE Clear Europe was established in 2008 to provide central counterparty clearing services for ICE’s global energy markets. Today ICE Clear Europe provides secure, capital efficient clearing, risk management and physical delivery services for ICE markets across interest rate, equity index, agricultural and energy derivatives, as well as European credit default swaps (CDS).

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Daily Commodities Reports
Take a look at end-of-day reports that detail first, last, high and low prices and total volume for bilateral energy contracts on ICE Swap Trade.

Daily Credit Reports
Get a daily wrap-up of ICE Swap Trade credit products including the open, high, low, close and total volume for credit contracts at different maturities.