ERCOT West 345kV Physical HR Peak HE 0700-2200

ERCOT West 345kV Physical HR Peak HE 0700-220027998685


Firm Energy with Liquidated Damages.  Physical ERCOT Monthly Heat Rate Power delivered at a specified ERCOT location

Market Specifications

Trading Screen Product Name
Firm-LD Peak, LD1 for Phys
Trading Screen Hub Name
ERCOT West 345kV Hub HR HE 0700-2200
Commodity Code
Contract Size
50 MW per hour
US $ and cents per MWH
Minimum Price Fluctuation
0.001 per MMBTU/MWh
Listing Cycle
Up to 72 consecutive monthly Contract Periods
All peak hours for the applicable strip length referenced by the market for hours ending 0700-2200 in the central ("CPT") prevailing time zone, for Monday thru Friday weekdays that are non-NERC holidays.
Last Trading Day
The second to last business day of the month prior to the delivery month.
Daily Settlement
Daily settlement will be determined by NGX using price data from a number of sources including, spot, forward and derivative markets for both physical and financial products
Final Settlement
Final settlement will be determined by multiplying the actual heat rate entered into at the time of the transaction by the NYMEX Last Day Settlement Price for the relevant delivery month.
Payment Dates
Payment due on the 20th of the month following the Delivery Period by wire transfer of Federal Funds, unless otherwise stated by a master agreement between the Buyer and Seller.
MIC Code
Clearing Venues