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We operate precious metals markets that were developed based on customer feedback, including the most liquid U.S. market for mini gold and silver futures and options. Through liquid and transparent markets and efficient delivery procedures, we offer market participants an effective way to manage their positions and implement investment and hedging strategies.


Precious Metals

Our precious metals complex includes Mini Gold and Mini Silver futures, Kilo Gold futures as well as Gold and Silver Daily futures. Gold and Silver Daily futures are physically settled contracts for gold and silver delivered loco London in unallocated vault accounts. These contracts enable participants in the IBA Gold and Silver Auctions to exchange their auction positions for cleared futures contracts held with ICE Clear U.S.



ICE Connect

Access price discovery with real-time market data from 100+ exchanges, including ICE, LME and COMEX Metals Exchange, alongside global news, weather, FX rates and forwards.

Central Clearing for Silver & Gold

Allows a broad range of firms to become Direct Participants, opening up the auction to a broader cross section of the market and facilitating greater volume.