An Integrated View of Pre- and Post-Trade Prices at the Security Level

Securities Evaluations, Inc. offers a web-based portal providing an integrated view of pre- and post-trade prices at a security level. The data is fully integrated with our extensive terms and conditions content and covers government, corporate, municipal and structured finance securities. This workflow solution offers comprehensive coverage through an online search engine.

Our user-friendly solution provides increased transparency across our expanded data sets, enabling the user to compare pre-trade quotes and trade price information against valuations. The user also has access to historical valuations and benefits from use of the built-in price challenge tool.

  • Over 3.2 million global fixed income securities covered
  • Coverage includes terms and conditions data
  • Multiple sources for pre- and post-trade prices and quotes
  • Market Activity Scores on all corporate and government bonds
  • Extensive price and market activity history
  • Benchmark curves
  • Volatilities and sensitivities
  • Create portfolios and export security price data

Our web-based valuations and data portal is designed to address the market requirement for greater valuation transparency to help meet accounting, regulatory, risk and performance needs.

Evaluated Pricing and Terms & Conditions

Provides access to our global universe of evaluated pricing and our integrated suite of terms and conditions data. Users will also benefit from our price challenge tool and have the ability to use the one-by-one look up, import their own lists and export from a pricing security search or imported list.

Increased Transparency and Insight

In addition to the evaluated pricing and terms and conditions content, we provide further transparency and insight into aspects of pricing and valuation risk. This portal provides access to pre and post trade prices, as well as the underlying valuation methodology and associated inputs such as credit default swap prices, swap and government benchmark curves. To supplement our extensive valuation and pricing offering, the portal gives access to daily commentary that reports on key market movements, changes and activity.

Price, Yield and Transparency

  • Provides insight into underlying data utilized in the evaluation process including benchmark curve inputs, recent pre- and post- trade quotes and price data, along with market activity scores
  • Charting capabilities on price and yield allow for more in depth analysis of an evaluated price relative to a number of market data sources
  • Full interest rate swap, probability of default and CDS term structures are included

Trade Comparisons

  • Trade comparisons provide a look into recent market data on related securities, based on the presence of similar indicative data
  • Flexible and editable comparison and search criteria

Market Activity Scores

  • Pre- and Post-Trade activity weighted scores for corporate and government bonds
  • Trend information for contributing factors

About Securities Evaluations, Inc. Securities Evaluations, Inc. (“SE”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intercontinental Exchange (“ICE”) SE is a registered investment adviser with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). SE's advisory services include evaluated pricing and model valuation of fixed income securities, derivative valuations and Odd-Lot Pricing that consists of bid- and ask-side evaluated prices for U.S. Municipal and U.S. Corporate Securities (together called valuations services).

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