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Real-Time ICE Markets Data

As the leading network of global futures exchange and clearing houses, we aggregate and distribute holistic views of world markets in real time. New data is created every day on our markets, and this information is used in trading and risk management decisions throughout the lifecycle of a transaction, whether that spans microseconds or comprises a long-term hedging strategy.

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These real-time market insights, which can be accessed in a range of formats, serve traders, risk managers, brokers and data redistributors to meet business objectives, regulatory obligations and develop trading strategies.

How to Access Real-Time ICE Markets Data

We offer a range of ways to access the real-time data created in our ICE futures markets to ensure we can meet the unique needs of your firm.

ICE Trading Platform

The ICE trading platform is the primary access point to the ICE futures markets and provides real-time access across multiple global asset classes. The platform's secure, flexible technology supports a collaborative ecosystem of trading apps that can be accessed to meet the specific needs of your firm or industry and allows for new products or functionality to be added without requiring you to update your own systems.

Broad Content & Delivery Solutions to access Global Markets

Efficient access to market data and content is critical for firms to drive trading strategies, inform decision making and optimize performance. Whether you’re looking for a secure, resilient connection or low-latency access, we offer a range of leading connectivity and feeds solutions to support the data you need.

ICE Global Network

ICE Global Network offers unique content, delivery and execution services through an ultra-secure, highly resilient network. A critical backbone for financial and commodity market information flow, it connects the global market community to the broadest ranges of data sources - including proprietary and third party content - and trading venues in a safe, efficient manner.

Quote & Data Distribution

We have a number of authorized redistributors for the ICE futures markets. These redistributors offer varied services covering real-time, delayed and/or end-of-day pricing data, along with other third party data, analytical tools, news services and more.

Historical Data

We provide historic data for ICE Futures markets including volume and open interest records, end-of-day reports, settlement and delivery information and more.