A Globally-Distributed Single Point of Access to All ICE Futures Markets

The multi-asset ICE trading platform is your home base for account management and access to the transparent, liquid ICE futures markets. It’s secure, flexible technology supports a collaborative ecosystem of trading apps that can be accessed to meet the specific needs of your firm or industry and allows for new products or functionality to be added without requiring you to update your own systems.

Apps included in the ICE Trading Platform

Position Keeper

Easily assess your risk with the ability to analyze the profit and loss (P&L) of each of your positions individually or your portfolio as a whole in real time

Live Quotes and Customized Requests for Quotes (RFQs)

Use a transparent view of real-time market activity and price quotes tailored to your specific risk management needs to help you make informed trading decisions

Real-Time Market Alerts

Track market moves and quickly identify trading triggers with customizable alerts you set to match your strategy

Charting Tools

Analyze price and volume trends using a wide range of technical indicators, chart styles and sophisticated drawing tools

Smart Order Entry

React to market opportunity quickly with the ability to set orders that execute when market criteria you set are met.

Mobile and Web Solutions

The ICE trading platform is distributed across the globe through a secure internet connection via the web and mobile devices. Each of our connection methods provides a single point of access to the liquid ICE futures markets, which provide risk management solutions across all major asset classes, and easy access to account management features.

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Additional Apps you can install

Instant Messaging »

Safe, regulated messaging with an exclusive directory of ICE marketplace participants

Newsfeeds »

Breaking news delivered through a read-only news feed

Option Analytics »

An advanced app for option pricing and risk management

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