Built to navigate the complexities of market data

Against a backdrop of significant growth in market data, firms looking to maintain a light data footprint are challenged to efficiently capture, store and analyze information. In response, we’ve built a platform in collaboration with OneMarketData, offering on-demand access to high-performance analytics.

ICE Real-Time Analytics utilizes the ONETick platform ─ an industry leading analytics library ─ enabling you to analyze data through the entire trade lifecycle. The platform is powered by real-time and delayed data from the ICE Consolidated Feed.

Discover ICE Real-time Analytics

Extensive analytic capabilities

Access a library of 200+ analytics functions that support a variety of use cases

  • Quantitative research
  • Algorithmic, low-touch and program trading
  • Profit/loss monitoring
  • Real-time transaction cost analysis
  • Statistical arbitrage and market making
  • Compliance and market surveillance

Fully hosted solution

Quick to deploy and saves time vs. building an in-house solution. A number of access types available, including:

  • APIs: C++, Java, and .Net
  • Lightweight Query Execution; Rest, Python, SQL, ODBC
  • Quant Research Languages; R, Matlab
  • Web portal: Query Designer

Simplified data comprehension

Graphically construct queries and visualize the results using custom dashboards and widgets

  • Query designer to create, profile, tune and run historical & streaming queries
  • A fully featured debugger to assist with query testing and development
  • Drag-n-drop dashboard for visualization and control elements