The ICE Consolidated Feed aggregates content from over 600 sources including 150+ exchanges, Cross Asset OTC coverage, Indices and News.


OTC Data

Foreign Exchange

Streaming prices for over 2,700 spot rates and over 8,000 Forwards & NDFs
Contributed from 130+ global, regional and local contributors

Implied volatilities for over 270 onshore & offshore pairs
At-The-Money (ATM), 25 Delta & 10 Delta Risk Reversals & Butterflies
Full volatility surfaces including 5 ― 45 delta call & puts along with ATM volatilities every 5 minutes


Benchmark Government Bonds for 30+ countries including G10 (Contributed)

Continuous Evaluated Pricing (CEP) covering:

  • Global: Corporates (Investment Grade & High Yield), Emerging Markets, Money Markets, Sovereigns, Convertibles
  • Additional U.S. coverage: Agencies, MBS Pass-throughs, TBA Mortgages

Aggregated Composite Bond Pricing on actively quoted government, corporate (including preferred) and convertible bonds
Intraday CDS data and analytics on Single Names, Sovereigns, Indices, Sector curves and CDS Tranches

Money Markets Official Benchmark Rates (Multiple IBORs, including ICE LIBOR, EURIBOR, EONIA, ESTR, SONIA, SOFR)
Reference Rates including Fed Funds Target Rate, Overnight Bank Rate, Effective Exchange Rate, Overnight Inflation
Interest Rate Derivatives

Interest Rate Swaps (IRS) for 30 currencies (Contributed)
ICE Swap Rate

Streaming Evaluated data for over 60 currencies on:

  • IRS, FRAs, cash rates, swap spreads, tenor basis spreads, OIS swaps, XCCY basis swaps, inflation swaps
  • Par / zero / semi / forward rates, discount factors
  • Swaption and Cap/Floor Volatility, SABR parameters, full volatility surface, premiums
  • Market data on new RFRs curves and spreads (SOFR, SONIA, ESTR)
Commodities & Energy

Streaming contributed precious metal rates
Spot rates for crude oil: Brent & WTI
ICE LBMA Gold and Silver Price

ICE Intraday volatility surfaces for over 300 Commodity and Energy Market products

Third Party OTC Content Additional Specialist Data from Interdealer Brokers
BrokerTec US Treasury Data
WM/Reuters FX benchmarks
FINRA (Agency Bond Service) & 144A Transaction Data
MSRB (Municipal Bonds)
S&P Global Platts market data and price assessments
LME LBMA Platinum and Palladium Fixings

European Exchanges



Austria Vienna Stock Exchange - APA Data
Vienna Stock Exchange - L1 & L2
Belgium Euronext Continental Cash - L1&L2
Euronext Derivatives - L1&L2
Bulgaria Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia - L1
Croatia Zagreb Stock Exchange - L1
Cyprus Cyprus Stock Exchange - L1 & L2
Czech Republic Prague Stock Exchange - L1 & L2
Denmark NASDAQ OMX - L1 & L2
NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange - L1 & L2
Nordic Growth Market (NGM) - L1 & L2
Estonia NASDAQ OMX Baltic Exchange - L1 & L2
Finland NASDAQ OMX - L1 & L2
NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange - L1 & L2
Nordic Growth Market (NGM) - L1 & L2
France Citi CATS - L1
Euronext Continental Cash - L1&L2
Euronext Derivatives - L1&L2
Germany Deutsche Börse - Frankfurt Floor Trades
Deutsche Börse - iBoxx L1
Deutsche Börse - L1 & L2
Deutsche Börse - APA Trade Reporting
Deutsche Börse - Regional Exchanges Germany L1
Deutsche Börse - Tradegate Exchange L1
Deutsche Börse - Xetra Core L1 & L2
Equiduct - HybridBook L1 & L2
Equiduct - Market by Limit L1 & L2
Eurex - European L1 & L2
Eurex - Repo Market L1
European Energy Exchange - L1
Stuttgart Stock Exchange - Cash Market L1
Stuttgart Stock Exchange - EUWAX L1
Greece Athens Derivatives Exchange - L1 & L2
Athens Stock Exchange - L1 & L2
Hungary Budapest Stock Exchange - L1 & L2
Italy Borsa Italiana - L1 & L2
EuroTLX - L1 & L2
Hi-MTF - Order Driven Equities L1 & L2
Hi-MTF - Quote Driven plus Order Driven Bonds L1 & L2
MTS Group - MTS Markets L1&L2
Latvia NASDAQ OMX Baltic Exchange - L1 & L2
Lithuania NASDAQ OMX Baltic Exchange - L1 & L2
Luxembourg Luxembourg Stock Exchange - L1 & L2



Macedonia Macedonian Stock Exchange - L1 & L2
Malta Malta Stock Exchange - EoD
The Netherlands Euronext Continental Cash - L1&L2
Euronext Derivatives - L1&L2
Norway Oslo Stock Exchange - Derivatives L1 & L2
Oslo Stock Exchange - L1 & L2
Nordic Growth Market (NGM) - L1 & L2
Poland Warsaw Stock Exchange - L1 & L2
Warsaw Stock Exchange - NewConnect L1 & L2
Republic of Ireland Euronext Dublin Equities - L1&L2
Irish Stock Exchange - Bonds and Funds L1
Romania Bucharest Stock Exchange - L1 & L2
Russia Moscow Derivatives Exchange - L1 & L2
Moscow MOEX - L1 & L2
Moscow Stock Exchange - Bonds L1 & L2
Moscow Stock Exchange - Currencies L1 & L2
Moscow Stock Exchange - L1 & L2
Serbia Belgrade Stock Exchange - L1
Slovak Republic Bratislava Stock Exchange - L1 & L2
Slovenia Ljubljana Stock Exchange - L1
Spain Barcelona Stock Exchange - L1
Bilbao Stock Exchange - L1
Madrid Stock Exchange - L1 & L2
MEFF - L1 & L2
Valencia Stock Exchange - L1 & L2
Sweden NASDAQ OMX - L1 & L2
NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange - L1 & L2
Nordic Growth Market (NGM) - L1 & L2
Spotlight Stock Market - L1 & L2
Switzerland BX Swiss - BX Swisscaps L1&L2
SIX Swiss Exchange - L1 & L2
Turkey Borsa Istanbul Cash - L1+ & L2
Borsa Istanbul Futures & Options - L1+ & L2
United Kingdom Aquis Exchange - L1 & L2
Baltic Exchange - L1
Cboe Europe BXE - L1 & L2
Cboe Europe CXE - L1 & L2
ICE Endex - L1 & L2
ICE Futures Europe - Commodities L1 & L2
ICE Futures Europe - Financials L1 & L2
London Metal Exchange - L1 & L2
London Stock Exchange - L1 & L2
NEX Exchange - Equities L1 & L2
Turquoise - L1 & L2

North American Exchanges



Canada Aequitas NEO Exchange - NEO listed NEO-L L1& L2
Aequitas NEO Exchange - NEO listed NEO-N L1& L2
Aequitas NEO Exchange - Other Traded Securities NEO-L L1& L2
Aequitas NEO Exchange - Other Traded Securities NEO-N L1& L2
Alpha ATS - L1 & L2
Canadian Consolidated Equities - CBBO & Last Sale L1
Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) - CSE Listed L1 & L2
Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) - TSX/Venture Listed L1 & L2
CanDeal - Fixed Income
Chicago Mercantile Exchange - Cryptocurrency L1
Montréal Exchange - Bankers' Acceptance Futures L1 & L2
Montréal Exchange - Options L1 & L2
NASDAQ Canada - Canada Basic
NASDAQ Canada - L2
Omega ATS - L2
TSX - Toronto Stock Exchange L1 & L2
TSX - TSX Indices
TSX - TSX Venture Exchange L1 & L2
Jamaica Jamaica Stock Exchange - EoD
Mexico Mexican Stock Exchange - Derivatives L1 & L2
Mexican Stock Exchange - L1 & L2
Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange - EoD
United States Cboe - BZX L1 & L2
Cboe - Cboe One Summary Feed
Cboe - Edge A L1 & L2
Cboe - Edge X L1 & L2
Cboe - Futures L1, L2 (Level Based) and L2 (Order Based)
Chicago Board of Trade - ECBOT L1 & L2
Chicago Board of Trade - E-mini L1 & L2
Chicago Board of Trade - RTH L1
Chicago Mercantile Exchange - E-mini Equity L1 & L2
Chicago Mercantile Exchange - Globex L1 & L2
Chicago Mercantile Exchange - L1 & L2
COMEX - New York Commodities Exchange L1 & L2
Dow Jones - Energy DataWire L1
FINRA - ATDS (Agencies)
FINRA - 144A Transaction Data
FINRA - BTDS - Trace Feed
ICE Futures U.S - Canadian Grains L1 & L2
ICE Futures U.S - L1 & L2
Minneapolis Grain Exchange - L1 & L2
MSRB - Municipal Bond L1
NASDAQ - BASIC - NYSE/NYSE American issues
NASDAQ - Essential Equities L1
NASDAQ - FINRA ADF (Alternative Display Facility)
NASDAQ - Futures L1 & L2
NASDAQ - L1 (Tape C)
NASDAQ - Last Sale Plus L1
NASDAQ - Market Velocity and Forces (MAX)
NASDAQ - OTC Bulletin Board L1
NASDAQ - OTC Non BB Issues
NASDAQ - SingleBook/TotalView
New York Mercantile Exchange - Energy Futures L1 & L2
NYSE - Arca ECN Equities Imbalance Data
NYSE - Arca ECN Equities L2
NYSE - Arca Integrated
NYSE - Arca Trades
NYSE - Best Quotes & Trades (BQT)
NYSE - Essential Equities L1
NYSE - Integrated
NYSE - L1 (Tape A)
NYSE - NYSE American Trades
NYSE - NYSE Trades (including FINRA TRF)
NYSE - OpenBook L2
NYSE - Order Imbalance
NYSE American - Essential Equities L1
NYSE American - L1 (Tape B)
NYSE American Integrated Feed
OneChicago - L1 & L2
OPRA - Essential Options Service L1
OPRA - Full Tick Coverage L1
OTC Markets - L1 & L2
The Small Exchange - Futures L1 & L2

South American Exchanges



Argentina Buenos Aires Stock Exchange - Equities L1
Brazil Bovespa - L1 & L2
Bovespa - SOMA L1 & L2
Brazilian Mercantile and Futures - L1 & L2
Chile Santiago Stock Exchange - L1
Colombia Bolsa de Valores de Colombia - L1
Peru Lima Stock Exchange - L1&L2
Venezuela Caracas Stock Exchange - L1

Asia Pacific Exchanges



Australia ASX - Equity Options L1 & L2
ASX - L1 & L2
ASX 24 - L1 & L2
Chi-X Australia - L1 & L2
Bangladesh Dhaka Stock Exchange - EoD

China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX) - L1
Dalian Commodity Exchange - L1 & L2
Hong Kong Stock Exchange - Cash L1 & L2
Hong Kong Stock Exchange - Derivatives L1 & L2
Shanghai Futures Exchange
Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE)
Shanghai Stock Exchange - L1 & L2
Shenzhen Stock Exchange - L1
Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange - L1


Bombay Stock Exchange - L1 & L2
MCX-SX - Derivatives L1
Multi Commodity Exchange - L1
National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange - L1
National Stock Exchange of India - Derivatives L1 & L2
National Stock Exchange of India - L1 & L2

Indonesia Indonesian Stock Exchange - L1 & L2
Japan Chi-X Japan - L1 & L2
Nagoya Stock Exchange - BBO10
Nagoya Stock Exchange - FLEX Full
Osaka Exchange - Derivatives L1 & L2
Osaka Exchange - JGB Futures L1 & L2
Osaka Exchange - J-Net Derivatives
SBI Japannext - B Market L1 & L2
SBI Japannext - J Market L1 & L2
SBI Japannext - U Market L1 & L2
SBI Japannext - X Market L1 & L2
TOCOM - Derivatives L1 & L2
Tokyo Financial Exchange - L1 & L2
Tokyo Stock Exchange - BBO10
Tokyo Stock Exchange - FLEX Full
Tokyo Stock Exchange - Trade-Only
Malaysia Bursa Malaysia - Derivatives L1 & L2
Bursa Malaysia - L1 & L2
New Zealand ASX - New Zealand Futures and Options L1 & L2
New Zealand Exchange NZX - Commodity Derivatives L1 & L2
New Zealand Exchange NZX - L1 & L2
Pakistan Pakistan Stock Exchange - EoD
Philippines Philippines Stock Exchange - L1 & L2
Singapore ICE Futures Singapore - L1 & L2
Singapore Exchange - SGX CommodityQuote Contracts L1 & L2
Singapore Exchange - SGX Derivatives Market L1 & L2
Singapore Exchange - SGX Equities Market L1 & L2
South Korea Korea Exchange - Derivatives A CME Linked
Korea Exchange - Derivatives A
Korea Exchange - Equities - ETF, ETN, ELW
Korea Exchange - Securities B - Konex
Korea Exchange - Securities B - KOSDAQ
Korea Exchange - KOSPI Derivatives
Korea Exchange - Securities A
Sri Lanka Colombo Stock Exchange - L1
Taiwan TAIFEX - L1 & L2
Taipei Exchange - L1 & L2
Taiwan Stock Exchange - L1 & L2
Thailand Stock Exchange of Thailand - L1 & L2
Thailand Futures Exchange - L1 & L2
Vietnam Hanoi Stock Exchange - Derivatives L1 & L2
Hanoi Stock Exchange - L1 & L2
Ho Chi Minh Exchange - L1 & L2
The Unlisted Public Companies Market (UPCoM) - L1 & L2

Middle Eastern Exchanges



Bahrain Bahrain Stock Exchange - L1
Egypt Egyptian Exchange - L1 & L2
Israel Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange - L1 & L2
Jordan Amman Stock Exchange - L1

Kuwait Stock Exchange - L1

Oman Muscat Securities Market - L1

Qatar Exchange - L1

Saudi Arabia Saudi Stock Exchange - L1
United Arab
Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange - L1
Dubai Financial Market - L1
Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange - L1 & L2
Dubai Mercantile Exchange - L1 & L2
NASDAQ Dubai - L1

African Exchanges



Botswana Botswana Stock Exchange - EoD
Ivory Coast

Bourse Régionale de Valeurs Mobilières -

Kenya Nairobi Stock Exchange - L1

Mauritius Stock Exchange - EoD

Morocco Casablanca Stock Exchange - L1
Namibia Namibian Stock Exchange - EoD
Nigeria Nigerian Stock Exchange - L1
South Africa JSE - Derivatives L1 & L2
JSE - L1 & L2
Tunisia Tunis Stock Exchange - L1

Indices and Indicators

Indices & Indicators

Stock Exchange Indices
Dow Jones Indices
Hang Seng
China Exchanges Services Company

News Services

News Services Dow Jones News
Market News International
ICF Europe
Nasdaq OMX
NASDAQ Statistics
NYSE Statistics
Standard & Poor's
SWX Swiss Exchange - Scoach

Complementary Services

The ICE Data Services Consolidated Feed is complemented by a wide range of industry-leading pricing and reference data services, as well as tick history services that provide globalaccess to historical data going back to 2005 for US instruments and 2008 for non-US equities.