ICE Data Services is a global leader in market data, analytics and connectivity solutions.

We offer market data from over 150+ exchanges worldwide, including proprietary data from ICE & NYSE markets. Together with indices, fixed-income evaluations and reference data, we serve the rising demand for more capacity and information with feeds, desktops and connectivity services. Our comprehensive, flexible data solutions provide coverage for global markets across all major asset classes.

Data increasingly powers efficient and modern financial markets. We power the new data generation to drive insights, inform decisions and to optimize results.

ICE Data Services Partners

Providing seamless access to a broad range of data, analytics and related services

We partner with industry leading vendors, service providers and media portals to provide you with seamless access to our feeds, data, evaluations and analytics via a broad range of applications.

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Exchange Data

With 12 global exchanges across ICE and NYSE spanning 9 asset classes including equities, fixed income, and commodities, data is continuously created in our marketplaces and distributed in a range of formats. From transparent access to real-time and historical activity to daily indices, forward pricing curves and direct access services, efficient access to information enables you to trade, manage risk, and distribute data to meet a range of objectives.

ICE Data Services Insights