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Energy fuels the global economy. Access to energy is an important factor in economic growth. Consumers and producers must manage their exposure to the price of energy they need to buy and sell. Traders and investors in turn depend on liquid markets to maneuver volatility swings and generate returns.

Price transparency for the value of energy today and in the future helps create liquidity participants need to transact and manage risk. Knowledge of fundamental data is important to understanding what’s driving prices. ICE’s role has always been to drive the evolution of the markets. We build and operate global markets across a diverse range of energy products. Our customers depend on us for deep liquidity, transparent pricing, communications tools, and data and analytics to stay ahead of the curve.

ICE powers the energy markets.

Global market complex.

Risk management is more critical than ever. We provide access to liquidity and precision trading instruments across a global complex of energy products. As one of the world’s leading energy marketplace, our benchmarks are regularly used for pricing global commodities. Brent, Gasoil, Permian WTI, and (Platts) Dubai are at the foundation of our oil complex, along with crude and refined contracts across 47 geographies.

In natural gas our physical and financial benchmarks span the U.S., Europe and Asia, allowing participants to effectively manage risk. In electric power, our European and North American coverage combined with our natural gas markets provides price discovery and margin offsets. Our environmental markets play a critical role in the energy transition, and includes a broad range of derivatives, covering emissions, carbon offsets and market-based mechanisms.

Complete workflow solution

Energy markets are constantly moving. We provide traders and analysts with data and technology to keep up with every new development.

ICE Connect provides a comprehensive view of energy markets with price discovery and collaboration tools, real-time and historical data, and trading technology.

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