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ICE is a leading provider of indices across all major asset classes with over 50 years of experience providing high quality solutions. Dedicated to innovation and flexibility, ICE offers calculation services, analytics and customized solutions to help market participants find opportunity in the changing investment landscape.

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Design and manage solutions across the ETF lifecycle

Index Families

Our extensive global index offering includes over 6,000 fixed income, equity, currency, and commodity and mortgage indices that are trusted by market participants around the world and backed by a 50-year track record in index provisioning.

ICE Index Platform

Gain full access to top-level and constituent index data for the complete universe of the ICE Bond Index and Convertible Index families. The ICE Index Platform has extensive functionality that allows you to access current and historic bond index performance data and statistics.

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ETF Solutions


ICE delivers a comprehensive ETF offering supporting the needs of investors, issuers, APs, liquidity providers and custodians. From research, data, pricing and portfolio management to trading, risk analysis and performance attribution, we aim to support a broad range of ETF asset managers.

The New York Stock Exchange offers the world’s premier venue for listing and trading ETFs. Our platform is built on industry-leading technology that facilitates primary trading in over 75% of U.S. ETF assets and 1,800 ETFs.

Access the ETF primary markets through the ICE ETF Hub which offers standards to simplify the creation and redemption process for all market participants.

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ICE Data Indices treatment of Russian and Belarusian

securities in ICE fixed income indices

Further to the notice entitled “ICE Fixed Income Index Treatment of Sanctioned Russian Entities”, dated February 28 and in accordance with the consultation entitled “Russia-Related Sanctions Consultation”, dated March 3, 2022, in which ICE Data Indices (“IDI”) gathered feedback from multiple stakeholders on a number of questions regarding the treatment of Russian debt, IDI announced changes to ICE fixed income indices.