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Trading Access & Membership

Status as an IFUS Member or IFUS Member Firm is not required to obtain trading access to ICE Futures U.S. products.

Participants may apply for trading access after receiving authorization from an ICE Futures U.S. Clearing Member by submitting the agreements designated below to ICE Futures Membership, provided however, that such access must comply, in all respects, with all applicable laws, rules, regulations or orders, including any registration requirements of the jurisdiction(s) where Participant is located and/or engaged in business.

For more information, please contact ICE User Administration, ICE Futures U.S. Membership and/or ICE Data LP Sales as follows:

All Participants

ICE User Administration / ICE Futures U.S. Membership

Additional Requirements

Transact own** business or affiliate business only.

Individual Participants

To transact own business and business for other Individual Participants (provided such business is only allocated to the relevant Individual Participant requesting the execution).

Additional Notes

WebICE Access: ICE Data Services & Software Services Agreement

ICE User Administration

ICE Futures U.S. Membership

Proprietary Front End: Direct Access Interface Development & Maintenance Agreement

ICE Data LP Sales


IFUS Members

IFUS Members are individuals who have satisfied certain membership requirements. To be eligible for election as an IFUS Member of ICE Futures U.S., an individual must:

  • Be a natural person at least twenty-one (21) years of age;
  • Be of good character, reputation and business integrity with adequate financial resources and credit to assume the responsibilities and privileges of membership.

IFUS Member Firms

An IFUS Member Firm is a business entity that has satisfied certain membership requirements set forth in the Rules of the Exchange. In addition, an IFUS Member Firm is eligible to be a clearing member of ICE Clear U.S., provided it secures 15,810 shares of ICE common stock to be held in a restricted account at Computershare, the Exchange's transfer agent, and meets the requirements established by ICE Clear U.S.

Application Procedures

Applications must be completed on-line, downloaded, signed and sent with the appropriate fees and attachments to:

ICE Futures U.S., Inc.
attn: Member Services
55 East 52nd Street
40th Floor
New York, NY 10055

A non-refundable application fee in the amount of $250 must accompany the application for individual membership and initial application for a member firm. All fees should be in the form of a check or money order payable to ICE Futures U.S., Inc.

ICE Futures U.S. and the Exchange’s Membership Committee are responsible for the review and approval of all IFUS Member and Member Firm applications. The conditions under which Membership may be denied are set forth in Exchange Rules 2.07 and 2.08.

Member Firms

View Members

As of May 24, 2022

Aardvark Trading L.L.C.
ABN AMRO Clearing Chicago, LLC
ADM Investor Services, Inc.
ADM Trading Company
Advantage Futures LLC
Agrex, Inc.
Akuna Capital LLC
Alliance Financial, LLC
Allied Irish Banks
American Electric Power Svc. Corp. as agent
Ampere Energy Solutions LLC
Arb House LLC
ARB Trading Group North LLC
ARM Energy Management LLC
Ascension Management, LLC
Aspire Commodities, LLC
Aston Capital Management, LLC
Aston Financial, LLC
Atlantic Capital Management Group LLC
ATNV Energy, LP
Automated Algorithms, LLC
Axiom Markets LLC
Bakkt Clearing, LLC
Barclays Bank plc
Barclays Capital Inc.
Barramundi Investment
Belvedere Futures LLC
Belvedere Trading LLC
Blackwatch Commodity Advisors LLC
Blommer Chocolate Company
Bluefin Capital Management, LLC
BMO Capital Markets Corp.
BNP Paribas SA
BNP Paribas Securities Corp.
Boerboel Trading L.P.
BofA Securities, Inc.
Boronia Capital Pty Limited
Bridgeton Global Investor Services, Inc.
Bruce Power L.P.
Bunge Agritrade S.A.
Bunge Chicago, Inc.
Burgess Capital, LLC
C&C Trading, LLC
C. Czarnikow Sugar, Inc.
Calcot Ltd.
Cameo Trading Inc.
Cantor Fitzgerald & Co.
Capital Futures Corp.
Cargill Limited
Cargill Power Markets, LLC
Cargill, Inc.
Carolinas Cotton Growers Cooperative, Inc.
Castleton Commodities Merchant Trading L.P.
Chopper Securities LLC
Chopper Trading LLC
Citadel Energy Investments Ltd.
Citigroup Global Markets, Inc.
COFCO Americas Resources Corp.
COFCO Brazil Overseas Limited
COFCO International Comercio e Armazenagem de Graos Ltda.
COFCO International Cotton Ltda.
COFCO International Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Coffee America (USA) Corporation
Consolidated Trading LLC
Copersucar Trading A.V.V.
Credit Suisse International
Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC
CTC Energy, LLC
CTC Limited
Czarnikow Group Limited
D. E. Shaw Composite Fund, L.L.C.
D. E. Shaw Composite Holdings, L.L.C.
D. E. Shaw Composite Portfolios, L.L.C.
D. E. Shaw Galvanic Portfolios, L.L.C.
D. E. Shaw Kalon Portfolios, L.L.C.
D. E. Shaw Oculus Portfolios, L.L.C.
D. E. Shaw Orienteer Portfolios, L.L.C.
D. E. Shaw Stibnite Portfolios, L.L.C.
DeltaHedge LP
Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc.
Dorman Trading, L.L.C.
DRW Commodities, LLC
DRW Europe B.V.
DRW Securities, LLC
DV Trading, LLC
Dynamis Capital, LLC
Dynasty Power
Dynegy Midwest Generation, LLC
Dynegy Power, LLC
E D & F Man Capital Markets Inc.
E D & F Man Derivatives Advisors, Inc.
E D & F Man Sugar, Inc.
E D & F Man Treasury Management, Inc.
E.M. Combs, LLC
Eagle Seven, LLC
East Coast Options Services, Inc.
EDF Trading North America, LLC
Endurance Energy RT LLC
Faraday Trading LLC
First New York Securities LLC
Five Rings Capital, LLC
Flow Traders US LLC
FNY Partners Fund LP
Fubon Futures Co., Ltd.
G.H. Financials, LLC
Gaiacorp Ireland Limited
Gair Loch Enterprises Ltd.
Gator Trading Partners LLC
Gavilon, LLC
Geneva Ireland Financial Trading Limited
Geneva Trading USA, LLC
GFI Securities LLC
Glacier Capital Management, LP
Glencore Sugar Trading Ltd
Global Agricultural Exchange, LLC
Gloria Maris LLC
Goldfinch Capital Management LP
Goldman Sachs Execution & Clearing, L.P.
Goldman Sachs International
Goldman, Sachs & Co. LLC
Group Sopex
Groupe OSTC Canada Inc.
Guzman & Company
Hall Rich Capital Pte Ltd
HC Technologies, LLC
Headlands Technologies LLC
Hehmeyer LLC
Hochstin & Company, Inc.
HonorVerus Research LLC
HSBC Securities (USA) Inc.
Ibb Gmbh
Iberdrola Energy Services, LLC
ICAP Corporates LLC
ICY Capital LLC
IMC Chicago, LLC d.b.a. IMC Financial Markets
Integral Technology LLC
Interactive Brokers LLC
J. Aron & Company
J.P. Morgan Securities LLC
JihSun Futures Co., Ltd.
Jima Coffee Corporation
JSG Futures, LLC
Jump Trading Europe B.V.
Jump Trading Futures, LLC
Jump Trading Global Ltd.
Jump Trading Pacific Pte Ltd
Jump Trading, LLC
Kerry Trading Co. Limited
Ketchum Trading LLC
KGI Futures Co., Ltd.
Lamberson Capital LLC
Latour Trading LLC
Launchpad Trading, LLC
Levante Capital LLC
Liberty Capital Trading LLC
Liger Investments Limited
Liquid Capital Markets Ltd
Louis Dreyfus Company LLC
Louis Dreyfus Trading, Ltd
LR Financial LLC
Luminus Energy Partners Master Fund, Ltd.
Luminus Energy Partners QP, LP
Luminus Special Opportunities I Master Fund, Ltd.
M.P. Commodities, Inc.
Macquarie Bank Limited (LDN)
Macquarie Futures USA LLC
Mako Global Derivatives Partnership LLP
Marex Financial
Marex North America LLC
Mars Incorporated
Marubeni America Corporation
MBF Trading, LLC
Mercuria International SA
Mercury Derivatives Trading Limited
Method Investments & Advisory Ltd.
Michael Sclafani Inc.
Mirarc Capital Management, LP
Mitsubishi International Corp.
Mizuho Securities USA LLC
Moo Capital LLC
Morgan Stanley & Co. International PLC
Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC
MWD Trading LLC
National Gas & Electric LLC
Negative Gamma Traders One, LLC
NextEra Energy Marketing, LLC
Nico Holdings LLC
Noble Americas Corp.
Northport Commodities Private Limited
O.S.T.C. Limited
OFE Trading LLC
Old Mission Capital LLC
Old Mission Trading LLC
Omerta Capital, LLC
Onyx Commodities Ltd
Optiver Trading US LLC
Orbit Markets LP
OSTC (Wales) Ltd.
OSTC AB Partnership Ltd.
OSTC Financial Ltd.
OSTC Holdings Ltd.
OSTC LLG Partnership
OSTC Poland Sp. Zoo
OSTC Poland Sp. Zoo Sp. Komandutowa
OSTC Portugal Lda.
OSTC Spain Trading SI.
OSTC Yongan Trading Co., Limited
P & T Futures, Inc.
Parallax Master Fund, LP
Parkhurst Resources Power Partners LP
Patel Brothers
Paul Reinhart Ag
Phillip Capital Inc.
Plains Cotton Co-op Association
President Futures Co., Ltd.
Prime Trading, LLC
Proxima Clearing, LLC
PSEG Energy Resources & Trade LLC
Queensland Sugar Limited
R.J. O'Brien & Associates, LLC
Radix Trading, LLC
Rakuten Securities Inc.
RBC Capital Markets, LLC
Reliance Capital Markets II, LLC DBA RCM Alternatives
RGM Trading, LLC
Rigel Cove LP
Sabot Energy, LLC
Sandlot Investments LLC
Santander Investment Securities Inc.
Savage Trading LLC
Schneider Proprietary Trading LLP
Scotia Capital (USA) Inc.
SCS Commodities Corp.
Sea Otter Securities Group, LLC
SG Americas Securities, LLC
Shell Energy North America (Canada) Inc.
Shell Energy North America (US), L.P.
Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited
Shell Trading (US) Company
SIG Energy, LLC
SinoPac Futures Corporation
Skylar Capital Energy Global Master Fund LP
Societe d'Importation et de Commission
Societe Generale International Limited
South African Sugar Association
Spire X Trading LLC
Staple Cotton Cooperative Association
StoneX Financial Inc.
Sucden Americas Corporation
Sucden Financial Limited
Sucres et Denrees S.A.
Susquehanna Government Products, LLLP
Susquehanna Investment Group
Susquehanna Securities
Syrinx Capital, LLC
Tai Mo Shan Limited
Teilinger Capital Ltd.
Term Commodities, Inc.
Tewksbury Investment Fund Ltd.
The Hershey Company
The Toronto Dominion Bank
Tibra Trading Derivatives LLC
Torus Capital LLC
Toyo Cotton Company
TradeLink L.L.C.
TradeStation Securities, Inc.
Traditum Group LLC
TransMarket Bulwark LLC
Trumpet Trading, LLC
TTG Capital Limited
Tyticus Overseas Partners Ltd.
UBS Securities LLC
Valkyrie Trading LLC
Vallum Trading LLC
Velite Capital Management, LP
Virtu Americas LLC
Virtu Financial BD LLC
Virtu Financial Global Markets LLC
Vitol Capital Management Ltd.
Vitol Inc.
Vivienne Court Trading Pty Ltd.
VLM Commodities Ltd
Wedbush Securities Inc.
Wells Fargo Securities, LLC
West Oaks Energy, LP
White Fruit LLC
Whiteside Energy Fund LP
Whitney Capital Series Fund LLC
Wilton Commodity Trading, LLC
Windy Bay Power LLC
Wolverine Holdings, L.P.
Wolverine Trading, LLC
XR Securities LLC
XR Trading LLC
XTX Markets Limited
XTX Markets Trading Limited
Yuanta Futures Co., Ltd.
Yungasi, Inc.